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Did I mention that I like chatting? If you want to drop me a line about my blog, my life, something I've talked about on social media or if you just want to have a debate about what the best kind of tea is (Earl Grey), who the next James Bond should be (I'm feelin' Tom Hardy) or what animal I think I was in a previous life (a sloth, obvz), fill in the contact form or drop me a line on

You can also track me down at pretty much any time of day on Twitter and Instagram - gimme a shout!

If you're looking for some info on collaborating, take a sneaky peek at my Work With Me page.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, it really makes my day knowing people are enjoying my blogging! I try and reply to comments as often I can but obviously sometimes life gets in the way so if you want to speak to me more directly, feel free to email me at or tweet me @laurenella_

lovelove xoxo