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The Morning of Our Wedding

That's right guys, I've finally got round to sorting out our wedding photos (from the amazing and beautiful Suzanne Li, but more on her later!) So - I figured that since I found posts like these super helpful and also just fun to read when I was planning my wedding (and even before tbh) I might as well do them for my own blimmin' wedding eh? 

So let's start with the morning of (and night before, really). I'm going to split this into two posts, as the morning was quite a long one, involving two different locations! Let's start with the little flat in Glasgow.

I wanted to have a really chilled out night in with my bridesmaids, near the venue and with lots of space for us all to get ready and have our hair and makeup done in the morning. My decision was pretty clear from the start - I'd need to track down the perfect Airbnb. I actually found the fantastic flat belonging to the amazing Vicky and Paul pretty early on and snapped it up - we actually went for two nights as a couple of my bridesmaids decided to just stay the night of the wedding there as well. It ended up being about £35 each and it really took the stress out of it all having Vicky on the other end of an email - not only did she let us check in early, she also allowed us to check out late (allowing for hangovers, nice) and also they left the sweetest card and bottle of prosecco for me to find when we arrived. What an amazing start!

laurenella wedding the morning of

The night before, I gave my gifts to my bridesmaids (cute matching dressing gowns and a personalised necklace with their initials and the date of the wedding), then we got Nandos takeaway, worked our way through 3 bottles of wine, and played an interesting game of charades! It was the perfect final night as a 'single lady' and I was so happy to have my best girls there with me. 

personalised bridesmaid gift ideas

I feel as though I barely slept the night before - it was like when you're little and it's Christmas Eve and you desperately squeeze your eyes shut hoping to drift off...but you're just too excited! Before I knew it, morning had arrived (and it was an early one - with hair and makeup scheduled to start at 7am!) 

As I floated about in a bit of a daze, my amazing bridesmaids started getting the breakfast on (pancakes all round) and cracked open the first bottle of bubbly ready for toasting with some Bucks Fizz. 

At 6:45 the doorbell rang and that was the cue that it was time to get the first bridesmaid in the beautifying chair (while I laid face down on the sofa desperate for one final snooze).

Wedding Hair and Makeup - The Bridesmaids

All of the wedding hair and makeup was done by the absolutely phenomenal Lesley from Pamper & Polish. I decided I wanted both my hair and makeup done early on, as I didn't want to have to worry about messing up, or my makeup sliding off my face before I even got to the photos. 

When it came to my bridesmaids, I wanted everyone to have their hair done with braids of some kind to tie everything together, although I would have been happy for them to do their own if they'd wanted to!

My sister and Maid of Honour Megan also got her makeup done by Lesley, but the other girls decided to do their own. I didn't have any demands when it came to makeup - I figured that everyone would know best what they'd feel both comfortable and amazing with.

bridesmaids getting ready
bridesmaids doing makeup
bridesmaids the morning of the wedding
bridesmaid hair long with plaits braids

In the end, all of my bridesmaids opted for slightly different variations of the same look - half-up, half-down with curls, and a plait of some kind pinning back some of the hair to hold some of the blooms from the florist.

Makeup wise - neutral tones on the eyes (some smokier than others) plenty of highlighter and some great nude lippy made the cut for everyone. How gorgeous did everyone look?!

Wedding Hair and Makeup - The Bride

By the time I found Lesley, I was starting to worry that none of the hair and makeup artists in my near vicinity would do the kind of style I wanted for a reasonable price. So many of the looks I came across seemed to be very perfect, with hairspray keeping every last stray hair in place. That's not what I wanted - I wanted loose, artfully dishevelled, a bit less formal. 

Luckily, Lesley saved the day. I had already had a hair and makeup trial at her studio a couple of months before to double check that I wouldn't react to anything (essential when you have sensitive skin and eczema like me!) Plus, my hair doesn't tend to hold a curl very well, so Lesley wanted to double check that the style we chose would stay in for a long enough period of time. 

After looking through the stunning images in Lesley's portfolio, I knew I was in safe hands and I kept my request pretty simple - I wanted an up-do but nothing too traditional, a bit of volume, a braid or two and that I'd be able to have flowers worked into it along with my veil. I didn't even show Lesley a photo, she just worked from that to come up with the perfect style. 

Makeup wise, I asked for dramatic smoky eyes with plenty of gold shimmer. Why would I go natural on my wedding day when it's the one time I'm having my makeup done by a professional, please?

laurenella wedding makeup and hair
bride hair curly updo with plaits braids
glasgow wedding hair and makeup

I LOVED my hair and makeup. I honestly can't praise Lesley enough - she was chatty, calm, she kept everything moving on time while still allowing us time to mess about and drink bubbly, and she brought whatever limited vision I had to life. Such a superstar! 

Once we all had our hair and makeup done, Lesley headed off after giving my sister strict instructions as to what to do with the veil when I got dressed. I then jumped into an Uber with my bridesmaids and we headed off to the venue to finish getting ready in a little room they prepared for us downstairs. 

This was for a few reasons - it meant I didn't have to organise a wedding car, which I wasn't bothered about at all, the mums and other close family and friends could pop down for a hello before the ceremony, and it gave me less time to somehow manage to ruin my massive dress before the wedding day even started. 

But more on that next time!

wedding invitation and sapphire engagement ring

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