Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 | Introducing the Tweak 52 Project (#1)

goodbye 2017 hello 2018 happy new year

GOODBYE 2017 - HELLO 2018

Happy New Year everyone! Can I please take a moment to join the ranks of people who somehow manage to forget how time passes every year and say - how the heck is it 2018 already?

I honestly feel like 2017 flew by in a total flash, although perhaps that makes sense considering that it was the year that I only went and got bloody married! 2017 was a bitch of a year for the world in general, but it'll always be a special year to me, because it's the year that I officially became Mrs MacRae (and also went on a pretty flipping amazing honeymoon, let's be honest).

I also had an amazing hen do (or two) with my best friends and favourite girls in the whole entire world, spent a lot of my time with my wonderful family (and in-laws) and saw a little bit more of beautiful Scotland - with weekends away in Mull and Arran.

At some point in the next month or two, I promise I'm going to do some proper in-depth posts about my wedding, and where we jetted off to afterwards.

Today though, I just wanted to really quickly introduce you to one of my biggest plans for this year on this blog - I'd love to get some other people involved as well!


So, as you all probably know - Sean and I bought our first house in 2016. It's a three bedroom, two bathroom, end of terrace house in a cute little street in the centre of Edinburgh and we LOVE it. You might have seen the introductory house tour I did just after we moved in - if not, go have a little look now, I'll wait.

Since then we've made quite a few changes and I've spent more than a little cash on homeware sites like La Redoute and The Range. However, it has to be said that things have gone a little bit less swiftly than they might have otherwise as we've been totally preoccupied with planning the wedding. 

This year though, we have no big plans! As a person who likes to have plans and something to do, I figured that 2018 would be the perfect time for a *project*. Thus - the Tweak 52 Project!

The goal is pretty simple - every week, I'm going to do something to my lovely house that will make it even more lovely. It could be as big as painting a room or changing the flooring, or as small as adding a new piece of furniture or changing a light fitting. All that matters is that it makes me happier with one small area of my home at a time.

Then of course, I'll document the whole process on here! It would be amazing if some of you guys got involved on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #Tweak52 as I always find I get the best inspiration from seeing other people doing up their own homes! Interested?


  1. Looking forward to seeing how you go with this! I don't own my own home so will have to live vicariously through you (and rightmove, which I'm addicted to).

    1. Oh my gosh tell me about it - I still check Zoopla religiously, almost 2 years on!


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