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Guys! I'm getting married one month today, can you believe it? I've got lots of bits and pieces that I want to share with you all, since I know I've always really loved delving into other people's wedding planning process. I've decided to have a bit of a 'Wedding Month' on the blog, covering my thoughts while planning, any DIYs, tips and tricks and some sneaky peeks at the day itself. I'm excited to share everything with you all! Today I thought I'd do a quick (slightly tongue in cheek) run through of the ten main thoughts I've had while planning a wedding - I'm sure if you've planned a wedding you'll recognise a few of them!

Ten thoughts I've had while planning my wedding:

1. "HOW much?" OMG guys - I know, I know, you're sitting there thinking that you already know that weddings are super expensive, it's not exactly a secret is it? Well I'm here to tell you - until you've been quoted NINE THOUSAND BRITISH POUNDS for a two course family style wedding breakfast, you can't understand the pain. We've tried to do our wedding on a bit of a budget but it's still costing around £15,000 for the day itself - there comes a point where you just have to whip out your credit card and wince a bit. 

2. "Are you sure we can't just elope?" No matter how excited you are to have a big ol' wedding with all your friends and family, a gorgeous princess gown and a cake the size of a toddler, at some point in your wedding planning you are probably going to click off your emails, or hang up the phone, or storm out of a room and shriek in your head (or out loud) about why you should just head to Gretna Green or Las Vegas and get the whole thing over and done with. 

3. "Are you excited for this wedding at all?" Let me preface this by saying that I love Sean, Sean loves me and I know that he wants to marry me. HOWEVER - sometimes, when i'm a bit hormonal and overwrought, I have found myself pouting and questioning why he isn't more excited about colour schemes, gift lists or invitation designs. It's normal to have a few disagreements during the wedding planning process - it's a stressful time! 

4. "Am I being a shit friend?" At some point, whether it's three months or a year into your engagement, you're going to be struck by the realisation that you've not spoken to any of your friends and family without shoehorning your upcoming wedding into every single anecdote. The closer you get to the big day, the less time you have for anything that isn't making tissue paper pompoms or stressing over the table plan. Don't worry - your friends will understand!

5. "Should I be losing weight?" I cannot remember the last time I went on Facebook without being confronted by adverts for a personal trainer or gym leggings emblazoned with 'SLIMMING DOWN FOR THE GOWN'. It seems to be taken as read that of course you'll be losing weight for your wedding day. That's total bullshit by the way - I have been going to the gym more because I've found it helps with my mental health, but I'm not aiming to get down to a size 10 or some arbitrary weight. Sean loves me as I am and I love myself as I am, so why would me getting married be a reason to go on some crazy diet?

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6. "Why are they being such a pain?" You probably have great friends and family - I know I do! However, at some point, somebody is going to do something to piss you off. You've heard the stories from married friends I'm sure, people who ask for a plus one for someone you've never met, family who don't bother to RSVP in time, someone letting you know a week after you've finalised numbers with the caterer that they can't make it any more. Breathe and keep calm - remember that you've invited these people for a reason and you love them! 

7. "Wait - there's paperwork to do?" Yeah yeah, nobody is surprised that I cut it pretty fine to send in our marriage notification forms, right? I just misjudged exactly how much of a form I would have to fill in...then I had to get Sean to fill one in, then I worked out that we needed to provide our passport, birth certificate, proof of address and a contract written in blood. Okay, maybe not the last one - but there was much more to it than I had thought there would be!

8. "Have I made a mistake?" Sean just read this over my shoulder and looked a bit offended - I don't mean in getting married! Whoops, should have clarified that. What I mean is - at some point you're gonna second guess your decisions. Maybe you'll wonder if you've picked the right dress, or you'll be  worried about opting for a band over a DJ or vice versa. There's a lot of hype around a wedding, so doubts are normal. Just trust your instincts and try not to get sucked into a Pinterest envy spiral. 

9. "Is this what we want?" Everyone is going to have an opinion on your wedding. Also, weirdly, people aren't concerned about sharing that opinion with you every step of the way - even when it's actually a little bit offensive. Once I said I was considering a Victoria Sponge wedding cake and the person I was talking to said it was the most boring cake ever - erm...awkward. At the end of the day, it's your wedding, it's your partner's wedding and if you're both happy (and you're the ones paying for the majority of it) - that's all that matters. 

10. "Oh my gosh, how has it come up so quickly?" I'M GETTING MARRIED IN ONE MONTH YOU GUYS. ONE. FREAKING. MONTH.

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