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What to wear to a summer wedding?

Wedding season is here! With wedding season, comes the inevitable decision that absolutely nothing that already exists in your wardrobe will work for the day, even if you own more occasion dresses than you do basic jeans and t-shirts (guilty as charged, I'm not even sorry). 

Of course, this year my wedding attendee outfit is pretty set, as I will be the bride and therefore I'm KINDA obligated to buy a new dress, but more and more of my friends are getting engaged at the moment so I have a feeling I'll be attending weddings all over the place over the next year or so. And that means EVEN MORE DRESSES.

boohoo wedding guest shoes
wedding guest outfit from boohoo

However, annoyingly, weddings of your pals tends to happen in that period of your life where you're actually pretty skint. Whether you're saving for a deposit or just bought a house, you're interning for pennies to get your dream job or you're preparing to quit your job to go travelling for a year, chances are you're not exactly rolling in it.

If that is the case - mate, I feel you. I'd love to pretend I'm the kind of person who pops into Ted Baker or Hobbs for a head to toe look but that's just not the case. If your outfit costs £250, that's £250 that you can't spend on Deliveroo on a Friday night or train tickets home to visit your parents, am I right? 

Luckily, I can tell you that if you head over to Boohoo right now, you can snap up a dress, a fab new pair of summer shoes and some accessories to go with it for less than you'd usually pay for a haircut. (Is £60 the going rate for a haircut? I haven't had mine cut since 2015, so not the best person to judge...) 

summer sandals for wedding
summer wedding guest dresses boohoo

The garden party wedding look - for under £60:

1. The Dress* - isn't this dress cute? I love the bright colour, and the lace detail. Spoiler alert, it's actually supposed to have little off the shoulder sleeves, but they fit really weirdly on me so I cut them off. Such a nice look for a summery outdoors wedding - plus the colour blends in really well with any accidental sunburn you might have got (oops!) While cut-out or sheer details would usually be a little bit risky for a wedding, I think it's subtle enough on this dress that you can get away with it - unless you're heading somewhere super formal. 

2. The Shoes* - let's be honest, stiletto heels at a wedding are a nightmare, more so if you have to be outside in a grassy area at any point whatsoever during the day. Nothing takes away the glamour of a look more than unsteadily tottering through a field, shaking bits of dirt from the heel that inevitable sank into a soft spot. I had to climb a super steep gravel path up to our B&B after shooting these photos, so I can officially say that these sandals are comfy AND practical, as well as being totally gorgeous. 

3. The Earrings* - the waitress at dinner the other night told me she loved these earrings, and I took great joy in saying that they were less than a tenner from Boohoo. They're statement earrings, but in an elegant way - and they're still plain enough that you can pair them with any outfit. I think these earrings would look amazing with a summery up-do as well, now I just have to figure out how to do one...

4. The Sunglasses - these rose gold beauties are from Primark and I am OBSESSED. I've been wearing them pretty much non stop over the last couple of days, and whilst sunglasses might not be typical wedding attire, I'd say they're a necessity for a summer wedding if you're going to be spending any length of time outside. Opt for a metallic pair like these and they're basically just another piece of jewellery...for your eyes. 

5. The Bag - this cute lil sequin clutch bag was a gift a few years back and is from Anthropologie - as far as I'm concerned, all you need at a wedding is cash or a card for the bar, a lipstick and maybe some powder or some blotting sheets, your phone and I guess your house or hotel keys so you can find your bed after an entire bottle of prosecco...

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