Sunshine in Stockbridge & Styling a Dungaree Dress

Blaady hell, Edinburgh - you are just so gosh darn pretty in the sunshine. Seriously, it's a beautiful city at any time, but when the sun is out, heart eyes all over the place you guys.

These photos were taken by my babe of a pal Louise after a tea and cake sesh with the gals on a recent weekend, whilst we were mooching around Stockbridge peeking in different shops and spending money on unnecessary items like £15 hand wash - Sean if you read this, it totally was not me that did that, and the new hand wash in the bathroom is a coincidence.

I was wearing one of my current fave outfits - I've wanted a dungaree dress for possibly about three years now and yet never got round to buying one, but this one was on sale in New Look for like a tenner and I snapped that bad boy right up. 

I'm also a bit into the whole socks and trainers look right now - it's so weird because even like last year, you wouldn't catch me in trainers AT ANY POINT. I don't think I even owned any apart from some super cheap ones that sat at the back of my wardrobe looking all sad. Now though, I'm obsessed  because hello, it's like a nice little holiday for poor abused feet. Plus you can totally jazz up some plain trainers with some shoe clips like these sweet lil pom-poms from Lindy Bop

Speaking of trainers - I'm very much looking for a jazzy new pair to wear to the gym, but I'm not really too sure what I should be looking for in terms of what brands are best etc etc...I tend to just get distracted by the pretty colours. Please give me all your recommendations?

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