The new Dine Out menu at Tigerlily in Edinburgh

tigerlily edinburgh dine out menu

Tigerlily on George Street, Edinburgh

I've often heard the restaurant Sketch in London being described as a blogger paradise, with the candy pink decor, cool tableware and edgy prints. If I were to pick one place in Edinburgh that could be described as our blogger paradise, it would be Tigerlily on George Street. 

I've been to Tigerlily a few times for various reasons - afternoon tea with friends, drinks with my in-laws and even blogger events, and each time I've not been able to resist the urge to take as many Instagram snaps as possible of the amazing interior. 

I've never been for dinner though, which is why I was delighted to be invited along to try out the new Dine Out menu, especially since the menu was created in association with a Scottish food blogger - Hilary from

tigerlily edinburgh george street
tigerlily dine out dinner menu deal

The concept behind the new Dine Out menu is that delicious, seasonal food shouldn't have to cost the earth. Essentially, why should people have to dine in when they could be dining out! This is something that very much appeals to me, considering that we have just bought a house and are saving for a wedding, and yet I can't seem to let go of my love of going out to eat at restaurants. What can I say, some people love shoes, I love food. 

The Dine Out Menu:

The Dine Out dinner menu costs £15 per person for a starter and a main course, with an extra £5 getting you a sharing dessert and coffee each. There's a choice of four different starters and four different mains, with a vegetarian option included, although because the menu is small I'm not sure how suitable the menu would be for those with various food intolerances and allergies. 

For a starter I decided on the garlic sourdough and thyme forest mushrooms with parmesan and truffle pesto. Sort of like a version of a bruschetta, the flavours were delicious, though the portion was quite small, even for a first course. I did also kind of feel like it was something I could easily replicate at home, so perhaps next time I'd have opted for the hot smoked salmon instead. 

For the main course I originally wanted to try the pork belly, but unfortunately it was no longer available. I imagine this was probably because that option had proven to be much more popular than the others in the first week of the menu being offered, which was a shame, but I soon got over it when I tasted my second choice - the hake with saffron mussels, crushed potatoes and soft poached egg.

The hake was perfectly cooked and everything that had been chosen to go with it worked incredibly well - this was definitely a dish that I would have expected to pay more for at a restaurant at any other time. Plus it's so pretty, just look at it with the marble tabletop and copper salt and pepper shakers in the background - blogger goals indeed.

places for dinner in edinburgh

There is only one option for the sharing dessert, but who needs choices when the option is as good as this one? Warm cookie served with salted caramel sauce and ice cream - the stuff that dreams are made of, am I right?!

I kind of want Tigerlily to start offering this dessert just on its own so that I can go back and eat it whenever I fancy, although perhaps its a good thing that I can't, because I think I could probably end up having it a good 3 times a week. 

Would I Go Again?

Whilst I wouldn't necessarily say that the food was the best I've ever had before in Edinburgh, I would definitely say that it is very impressive for the cost, and on top of that the cocktails and atmosphere of Tigerlily make it the perfect choice for a weekday dinner with friends, or perhaps a weekend lunch after a long morning of shopping on George Street.

Plus, you know, go for the cookie. Maybe even take a friend who doesn't like dessert and eat it all to yourself...

The new Tigerlily Dine Out menu is available for lunch and dinner from Sunday to Friday, excluding Mother's Day on the 26th March. 

*I was offered the chance to review the new Dine Out menu at Tigerlily however as always - all views are my own and I was not paid for this post!

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