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Remember when you used to go out almost every weekend and you'd buy yourself a new outfit and spend practically more time getting ready with your friends than you did actually out on the town? You'd think that getting older and more financially secure, plus probably choosing not to go out EVERY single weekend would mean that you'd continue to jump at the chance to get all dolled up, but in reality, you'll rarely find me at a bar wearing anything other than jeans and a top - or just whatever I was wearing during the day.

It's a shame because I really do enjoy the process of getting dressed up for a date night with Sean or  cocktails with the girls, so I've made a promise to myself that I'll make more of an effort this year. However, lets not forget that I'm saving for a wedding, so I can't go breaking the bank every month on a dress I might only wear a couple of times a year. 

quiz clothing dress
quiz clothing wishlist
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And that's where the fantastic Quiz comes in! The site is completely chockablock with gorgeous, trend led going out dresses, at totally bargainous prices. Of course not all of them are to my current tastes - although I'd totally have worn them whilst I was at university, but there are some real gems to be found. 

I opted for this green velvet dress* from the collaboration with Olivia Buckland - I have to admit that beforehand I didn't actually know who Olivia Buckland is (she was on Love Island, I believe) but the collection is lovely - lots of embellishment, embroidery and luxe fabrics. I was a little nervous when the dress arrived because it's quite short, quite clingy and quite low cut...but when I put it on I found that the style was actually really flattering.

I've had a little pay day browse through what else is in stock at the moment and picked out my favourites - the embroidered block heel shoes are my number one pick, so pretty and such a bargain compared to similar styles I've seen on the high street! 

My Quiz Clothing Wishlist

uk fashion blogger quiz clothing wishlist

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  1. The dress you chose is stunning, you look incredible! I kinda miss getting dressed up and going out...but the almost 30 year old me much prefers an early night these days, and PJs by 7pm! x


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