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Lindy Bop Silver Screen dress range

Happy 2017 you guys! Can you believe it's the new year already? I'm starting to get majorly freaked out by the fact that I'm now officially getting married this year, eek! If anyone has any recommendations for cute wedding shoes by the way - I'm on the look out right now please help me!

I had an amazing Christmas and New Year and I'm a little bit sad to be back to work now and away from all the fun times with family and friends involving a ridiculous amount of cheese, prosecco, board games and classic movies. And lets not forget the sleeping in until 10am part (apart from that one morning...)

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I wanted to post about this gorgeous Lindy Bop Silver Screen* dress before NYE, but unfortunately my memory card decided that it had other plans and it conveniently went missing for a little while, almost convincing me that it was gone for good. Luckily though, I found it the other day - just in time to point you in the direction of the AMAZING discounts on  the whole range.

Lindy Bop are known for their gorgeous and affordable vintage inspired clothing, and the  Silver Screen range is something super special - filled with the most amazing beaded dresses that look like they should cost at least double what they do!

I loved wearing this dress on Christmas Day - it fit so well that it was actually really comfortable to wear, even after an entire plate of pigs in blankets. The embellishment really is absolutely gorgeous - the photos above barely do it justice! The Lindy Bop sale is really worth checking out if you're a fan of affordable vintage inspired clothing (especially dresses) - I've added several to my basket already!

scottish lifestyle blogger laurenella

Speaking of Christmas and subsequently New Year celebrations - have you come up with any resolutions for the next 12 months? I never manage to stick to mine, but there's something about my list loving mind that can't help but pick out a notebook and scribble down all the things I want to achieve. I'm thinking of maybe sharing some of them on the blog this week, if it's something you lot would be interested in! 


  1. HAPPY WEDDING YEAR!! haha :) love the dress - the beading is beautiful! I ended up bankrupting myself even further and got some Valentino rockstuds as my wedding shoes but I was also looking at a place called 'Rainbow club'(they dye the shoes the colour of your choice, so to match bridesmaids dresses/general theme etc!) and Charlotte Mills before I made the final choice xx

  2. Aw yeah, we're dress twins! Looking gorgeous! xx


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