Tiramisu Hot Chocolate

As soon as December hits, I go hot chocolate crazy. Actually, it probably happens a little bit earlier than that. As soon as the festive cups are out in the high street coffee chains, I go hot chocolate crazy. I probably drink my recommended calorie intake in whipped cream and marshmallows alone, but what can I say - they're SO GOOD.

When I'm drinking hot chocolate at home, I like to make a PROPER hot chocolate. None of that powdered nonsense for me, thanks very much. Some days I'll go for a Baileys hot chocolate, occasionally I'll add a bit of Chambord...one particular favourite was the time I went massively overboard and melted white chocolate into milk and then blitzed it with raspberries...mmmmm. 

This particular recipe is perfect for a Christmas Eve wrapping presents in front of Love Actually - which is pretty much my plan for tomorrow night. It's a tiramisu inspired hot chocolate (so please don't @ me when you inevitably disagree with some of the ingredients I used - it was just whatever I had in the house!)

Serves 2

- 2 cups of semi skimmed or whole milk (do not use skimmed milk, please for the love of creamy hot chocolate)
- 4 tablespoons of Nutella (with more to add if you decide it's not chocolatey enough!)
- 1 espresso
- 1 shot of whisky
- whipped cream
- cocoa powder or grated chocolate

This couldn't be easier to make! Just pour the milk into a pan on a low to medium heat and warm through slowly, don't allow it to boil. As the milk heats up, add the Nutella and stir until dissolved (is that the right word to use here? It's fine, you all know what I mean.)

Add the espresso and the whisky, bring to a gentle simmer and then serve into two mugs. Then, top with as much whipped cream as you can feasibly fit onto the mug. You know it makes sense. Then just top with either the cocoa powder or grated chocolate and enjoy!

Can I just take a second to point out my ridiculously cute new spoon from I Just Love It before you dash away to try this hot chocolate out for yourself? You can pick whatever you want to be engraved on the spoon (up to 50 characters) and it would make a super sweet housewarming gift! It's such a fantastic site for finding quirky gifts and homeware - you may have also seen my illuminated gin sign on my bar cart in a recent post.

*I was gifted the personalised spoon from I Just Love It for review purposes, however I wasn't paid to include it in this post and as always all opinions on both the spoon and the hot chocolate are my own!

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