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Edinburgh House Tour Hallway Edinburgh House Tour Front Door

Hello and welcome to my house! You might have spotted on my social media earlier this year that Sean and I had decided to buy a flat in Edinburgh, and then you might also have spotted in June that we actually ended up buying a three bedroom house and moving in with only the furniture that we had put together in two years of renting fully furnished tiny flats (i.e. not much) and that we were able to scrounge from family members. It's been a good few months now and we've made a lot of cosmetic changes, but before I show you any of those I thought I'd give you a quick tour of the house pretty much as it was when we moved in.

Edinburgh House Tour Living Room
Edinburgh House Tour Living Room Sofa
Edinburgh House Tour Dining Room
Edinburgh House Tour Garden

Living Room/Dining Room/Garden

The living room and dining room is combined and situated off to the right of the hallway, with french doors leading to the back garden/decking area. When we moved in the chimney breast was actually painted a very bright scarlet, but I changed that so quickly that we don't have any photos of it! We were very lucky that the previous owners left behind the built in reclaimed wood shelves and the big mirror, which saved us some money buying similar items! People tend to either love or hate the wooden shelves - I think they're great personally, but they are quite rustic so I guess I can see that they wouldn't be to everyone's taste.

Edinburgh House Tour KitchenEdinburgh House Tour Kitchen Rangemaster Oven


The kitchen was pretty much brand new when we moved in and is by far my favourite part of the house - I've always dreamed of having a big kitchen with lots of light, and compared to some of the dark boxy ones we saw in some of the flats we viewed, this one was head and shoulders above the rest! Also, it came with the gorgeous berry coloured Rangemaster oven - not gonna lie, that's definitely what sold the house for me. As soon as we left I said to Sean that I knew this was the house for me! We've even got a pantry, which is just the icing on a very nice cake, to be honest.

Edinburgh House Tour Spare Room

Guest Room

Our house is a three bedroom, with two bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs, which means that we actually have two spare rooms at present. The one pictured is our spare room downstairs, which has an en suite shower room and is therefore our chosen guest room - whereas our upstairs second bedroom isn't even pictured because it's currently just full of whatever junk I haven't yet been able to find a home for. I'm thinking that eventually it'll be a den/snug of some kind - but it's not exactly our highest priority! It's really nice to have so much spare room though, especially since my family and friends from down South like to come up and visit - it's great for them to be able to have their own little self contained bedroom and bathroom!

Edinburgh House Tour Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Can we just take a moment to absorb the feature wallpaper that came in the master bedroom? It was the thickest, shiniest paper ever - to the extent that when we stripped it we could literally just peel swathes of it off, there was never any need at all to use a steamer or really any tools of any kind! I love the Edinburgh Press style cupboard, which I think was actually recently built in rather than being an existing period feature - and not pictured are the huge built in wardrobes on the opposite side of the room, again - saving us money since we didn't have to buy our own!

I haven't bothered showing you the bathrooms as they're both pretty non descript - we will be replacing them as soon as we can (though after the wedding), but they're not hideous to the extent that it's painful to live with them - there's no avocado bathroom suites or anything like that! It's strange looking back at these photos now as it hadn't really seemed like we'd done all that much to change the house, but the rooms do actually now mostly look completely different! I'll be posting updated version as and when I'm happy with them - thought it'll by no means be a final version, as we're very much doing everything on a shoestring budget at the moment.

Do let me know if you're interested in any other posts related to either decorating/furnishing a house or the house buying process as a whole - whether that's understanding buying a house when you don't even really understand what a mortgage is (thank the lawd for Sean is all I can say) or if you'd like some tips on furnishing a house from scratch with no money (Gumtree is your closest friend in this) - I'm happy to put some more posts together!

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