Nespresso #CoffeeWithCurrys Event @ The G&V Hotel

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I mentioned in my post on my Nespresso Pancakes that I had been inspired by my attending a fantastic blog event the other week held by Nespresso and Currys to promote the new Nespresso Prodigio - the latest coffee machine that you can CONTROL WITH YOUR PHONE. I still can't get over that you guys - the thought of being able to set your machine to have an espresso ready alongside your exam is just the best thing that's ever been conceived of. 

Now, I have to say - this was one of the coolest events I've ever attended. Currys and Nespresso really thought outside of the box when they came up with this evening - a five course sensory dining experience using different Nespresso flavours, held at the gorgeous G&V Royal Mile Hotel (formerly the Missoni Hotel). 

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For the first course, we were all blindfolded so that we couldn't see what we were eating - something a teeny bit terrifying...more because I was 99% sure that I would end up throwing my wine either over my camera or myself. As you can probably see in the stunning pic of me and Laura above - I wasn't actually trusted with a proper blindfold. I don't know what they thought I was going to do with it, but I ended up having a waiter tie a napkin around my head. There's a sentence i never thought I'd say...

I didn't get a photo of the first course, mostly down to the fact that obviously I was temporarily devoid of sight and it's surprisingly difficult to a) find your camera and b) focus on the plate in front of you when you have your eyes covered by a cloth. I will just describe it to you and you can google pictures to try and imagine it, that'll do eh? It was a type of caprese salad with a coffee dressing - it might sound weird, but trust me it was UH-MAZING.

coffee risotto nespresso coffeewithcurrys blogger eventcoffeewithcurrys nespresso event venison coffeenespresso coffeewithcurrys panacotta

Next up was a coffee infused risotto, which I quite liked but I think it was probably a bit of an acquired taste as I saw a few confused faces around me. I think the issue was that with the coffee flavour and the consistency it felt a little bit dessert-esque, maybe? Not a problem for me of course, because I would eat dessert at any time.

Next up - venison (yum!) with, wait for it...fried custard. Oh my goodness, it sounds weird but it was bloody delicious. If I could only work out how the frick the chef did it, I'd be having this with every meal tbh. 

The dessert course was a coffee flavoured panna cotta and I came out with possibly the most 'blogger' thing I've ever said in my life which was - "this panna cotta is too shiny to photograph properly!" talk about #bloggerproblems! This was my favourite course and if I hadn't thought I might get chucked out for bad behaviour I would have tried my best to distract all the other guests and steal their portions too. 

For the final course (and the final nail in the coffin for anyone who had been hoping to get to sleep before midnight) we were invited to try out the Prodigio machine and make ourselves an espresso to go with some chocolate truffles. The excitement of using an iPad to serve our coffee was too exciting, even though it would potentially have been easier to just, y' the button on the machine. 

I had a great time at my first official Edinburgh based blog event so thanks to the lovely peeps at Joe Blogs for inviting me. Now, how to persuade Sean that we need to get our hands on the new machine...


  1. Ah this does sound like a lot of fun Lauren!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. Looks and sounds like you had a ball! I love Nespresso and couldn't live without my machine. This is the dream event!! xo

  3. I want to a nespresso event in Cardiff and left with palpitations and shakes because I drink coffee about once a week and had a years worth in 3 hours. Loved it though, especially coffee cake mmmm. That panna cotta looks divine xx


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