The Lazy Girls Guide To Getting Up In The Morning

I have never been what anyone anywhere in the world would ever even remotely consider to be a morning person. I can almost hear Sean, my parents and my siblings breaking into hysterical laughter at even the thought of it. For me, under my duvet has always been a happy place - to the point that when I was at school I used to try and stay awake for as long as possible so that I could soak in the feeling of being wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets for as long as possible. Is that weird?

What I'm trying to say, is that I have never and will never be the type of person who springs from their bed every morning before the alarm even goes off, throwing open the curtains, having a leisurely breakfast and practically being dressed by fricking Disney animals (no, you're bitter).

I am trying to be better though - one of my mini goals is to try and get up at a reasonable time at the weekends because if I lay into 11:30 I feel like I've wasted half the day, and I could really do with another 20 minutes to get ready every week day as well, instead of rushing out of the door with one shoe on and toothpaste down my new top. One day we'll be allowed to live our pyjama life 24/7 (I mean come on, these babies from Yawn are nicer than the majority of my daytime clothes) but until then, we'll have to make do.

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I've tried many things over the years that have promised to transform me into someone who can actually jump out of bed in the mornings, but unfortunately I am one of those special cases where putting my alarm on the other side of the room doesn't deter me, I'm quite capable of getting up whilst still half asleep and then diving back under the covers before it's even hit me that I was out of bed in the first place. Coming across a couple of things lately that actually have helped me get up and wake up then? I had to share them with you all.

Like most of us these days, I rely on my mobile phone to wake me up in the morning - jolting me out of a nice dream with a tune that never fails to put me a bad mood if I hear someone who has it as a text ringtone during the day. I've tried a whole host of wake up apps and never got on with any, but recently I think I may have discovered 'the one'. Alarmy gives you a couple of options for what you need to do in the morning to actually shut the alarm up - I went for the photo taking one. Basically, you take a photo of something and the alarm won't shut the hell up the next morning until you've taken that exact same photo. I set it so that I had to take a photo of the kitchen tap. I might be able to dive back into bed from a couple of steps away, but it turns out if I have to go through the whole bloody house, even I'm awake by that point.

So, I'm out of bed but by no means ready and raring to get on with the day - here's where my next little tip comes into play. I've found that getting something refreshing to drink in me straightaway (NOT espresso) makes a big difference to my immediate energy levels. My favourites are either cold or hot water with a slice of lemon and maybe some fresh ginger, or recently I discovered the fantastic Health & Beauty Juicery, who make and deliver ridiculously good for you cold-pressed juices right in the centre of Edinburgh. I've tried a couple and whilst I enjoyed all of them Glow has been my absolute favourite so far - the hint of ginger really woke me up! Perfect for those of us who either don't own a juicer or can't be bothered to spend that extra time making our own (and then clearing it up), these will definitely become a regular addition to my weekday mornings. 

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1. Put your fluffiest dressing gown and slippers right by your bed. Like, you can reach them before actually leaving the comfort of the duvet close. Nobody likes the anticipation of cold toes at 7am

2. Have something yummy to look forward to for breakfast. This week I have planned bagels with peanut butter and sliced strawberries and I am not missing out on those bad boys before work just because I snoozed an extra 10 minutes.

3. Leave a little gap in your curtains so that you get some sunlight streaming in as you wake up, current Scottish weather aside. Or invest in one of those natural daylight Lumie lamps (on my wish list). It is a fact that getting up when it's still pitch black outside is close to impossible - don't torture yourself.

4. If all else fails, do what I did when I was 7 and go to sleep in your clothes for the next day. No, shut up, it was a genius plan and you're just jealous you didn't think of it first.
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Pyjamas: Yawn London

So there you have it - go forth and roll somewhat grumpily out of your bed whilst cursing the fact that nobody has yet invented that device from Wallace and Gromit that does everything for you. But do it a little bit earlier and less bleary eyed. I believe in you. 

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  1. I could definitely do with a Wallace and Gromit device. I find routine helps. I get up and straight to the kitchen to down a big glass of water. Starts the hydration and wakes me up a bit!


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