Make Ahead Freezer Breakfast Burritos

uk scottish lifestyle blogger make ahead freezer breakfast burritos

I've been experimenting with different breakfast recipes lately that I can take into work in the morning, because I'm gonna be honest - if I have to choose between a leisurely breakfast at home or 20 extra minutes snuggled up in bed, you all know what I'm gonna choose. 

I've made various types of healthy muffins and flapjacks but sometimes, especially when the weather is miserable, you just want something savoury, and preferably hot. I made up a batch of these breakfast burritos a couple of weekends ago and had one every single day for that week and oh my gosh, they were amazing. Just what I wanted - 100% recommend.

You can obviously throw pretty much whatever you want in there within reason, though I'd avoid anything too liquid as you don't want a soggy burrito! I went for peppers, chorizo, scrambled egg, mushroom and a little cheddar cheese - what a combo. 

uk scottish lifestyle blogger healthy breakfast recipes

I'm not going to put a recipe, per se, as obviously ingredients and quantities will depend on how many you're making and what you want to put in them etc, but just as a rough guide, cook the scrambled egg to just before what you'd consider perfect - it'll cook a little more in the microwave when you reheat. Add everything to your wraps, fold in the top and the bottom and then roll up. Wrap the individual burritos in cling film and then pop in freezer bags in the freezer, ready to take one out each morning.

To reheat, remove the packaging and loosely wrap the burrito in a paper towel before microwaving for around one and a half minutes - turn it over halfway through so that it reheats equally. You might want to retain some paper towels for whilst you're eating as well, these can get messy!

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