January Recap and February Goals

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WHOOPS HOW DID IT GET TO ONE WEEK INTO FEBRUARY ALREADY. Oh my gosh, I am the worst. Although to be fair to me - life has been manic lately. Flat buying is the biggest, most time consuming, slightly soul destroying thing ever. Do not listen to anyone who says it is fun. It is not fun - you will spend hours viewing properties that will fit into two categories either you will hate it and not bid on it and it will still be under offer within weeks, or you will love it and offer on it and it will go for ACTUAL THOUSANDS OF POUNDS out of your budget. Sigh.

Let's not dwell on that more than necessary though, as otherwise I will start sobbing into my cup of tea. Instead, I reckon it's about time to catch up on my little list of January goals and make some new ones for February. 

January Recap

- I did drink more water than I had been i.e. more than none, however I didn't drink quite as much as I wanted to. I will class this as a sort of achieved and aim for more H2O this month. 

- the fitness class thing I smashed out of the park, woo! I signed up for a weekly yoga class which helps you learn to do the splits aka my childhood dream and I LOVE it. I have signed up for the next block of classes already, even if my legs sometimes feel like they might fall off.

- I remembered to pack breakfast and lunch every single day in January, so I'm classing this as a win, however I've fucked it right up this first week of February. Basically, this one is impossible without preparing ahead, so that's a lesson learned.

- I have officially opened up a savings account and I did put some money into it - but only £140. Still, that is better than nothing eh? I'll aim for more this month. 

February Goals

- Turn off any screens at least half an hour before bed and read an actual real life printed book instead or something similar that doesn't involve electronics. I really, really need to learn to switch off from my computer, so this is going to be my attempt to start. It will be difficult - no last minute Instagram scrolling!

- Do some wedding venue research and make a shortlist of ones to go see at some point. This will be our first step into actual real life wedding planning, scary stuff. I know what I'd ideally like but I don't actually know if it's attainable or affordable, so I need to do some research before I get my heart set on anything.

- Limit weekend lie-ins. I love lazing about in bed at the weekend, but I DON'T like getting up at midday and realising I've wasted half of a perfectly good day off. 10am seems like a good time to aim for - it's a few hours extra than a weekday morning but it won't make me feel like I'm hibernating through my weekends.

- Try out a minimum of five new vegetarian recipes. I'm trying to cut down on the amount of meat we eat during the week as it is a) expensive and b) not great for you in huge amounts, so finding some tasty and filling veggie recipes seems like the way to go. Pleeeease give me a shout if you have any recommendations!


  1. Oh that looks delicious and could drink it right now. Love this post. Nice to review the previous month and look at your goals. I'm also trying to do the turning off screens, its a good goal. xo


  2. I've been looking for somewhere to take up yoga or pilates, slowly adding to the whole...being a functioning human who actually exercises! Turning off my phone before bed and reading a book is something I've been testing out (albeit not enough) and it helps me switch off so much better for a good nights sleep!

    The Little Things | Louise x


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