A Health and Fitness Wishlist

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So the other week I bought myself a FitBit - I'd thought about getting one for ages and put it off as being too much of a gimmick, but in the end I caved and got one anyway - telling myself that it would be a good way of tracking my new exercise routine and reminding me to move around more since I'm sat at my desk all day. 

That's always been my thing - buying new stuff to keep me motivated to do a certain thing. I like to buy homeware to motivate me to spring clean my flat, beauty products to motivate me to actually come up with SOME KIND of skincare routine, and of course, fitness bits to motivate me to move my butt. 

Usually this stuff would then end up lingering at the back of my cupboards gathering dust, but this time something could be (maybe) different. I'm not exercising to lose weight or fit into a pair of skinny jeans like I have done before - I've just come to the realisation that I'm not as healthy as I should be and that actually moving more might help with that. I've found a class that I like (yoga to do the splits, owwwwie) and I've been ALMOST enjoying the pain that comes from doing a Kayla Itsines workout 3 times a week. 

So ACTUALLY as far as I'm concerned, this stuff isn't things I want or even things I need, it's things I bloody deserve for kicking butt and taking names. So, yeah. 

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1. GymTote Eva LUXe - have you come across GymTote before? I found out about them the other week and I am officially obsessed and must have one immediately. I've never owned a gym bag in my life because I never actually like them, so whenever I've carried exercise stuff anywhere it's always been falling out of whatever cheap canvas tote I can dig out from my closet. This baby would make me feel like a grown up who goes straight from important business meetings to yoga class and has no time for messing about. I need one. 

2. Sweaty Betty Yoga Leggings - Is 85 too many pounds to spend on a pair of leggings? I feel like the answer to that is 'yeah probably' and that makes me sad because I desperately want these in my life. They're SO PRETTY. Also hang about, I've just noticed they're reversible so you can have them either blue or black side out. Mind. Blown. 

3. Nike Trainers - OK confession time...I have never owned a pair of genuine proper trainers. I have always bought cheapy ones from Primark that probably are terrible for your feet and general posture but that cost less than £20 so you don't care too much. Lately however, I have found myself drifting in the direction of Nike and imagining wearing these pretty snazzy trainers - not only to the gym, but in real life too! What has happened to me.

4. Calvin Klein Bralette - I've never used the term Basic Bitch before but I feel like this would be an optimal time to use it. I don't care though, I would do my yoga in this and feel like a Jenner sister who has accidentally gone bankrupt. Sassy as hell.

5. EatCleanTea Matcha Original - I probably love jumping on a bandwagon more than the average Joe, so I really really want to try Matcha and take arty Instagram shots of myself sipping a green latte by a window. Apparently it does wonders for your energy - something that I could really do with right now as winter is sapping the life out of me.

6. S'well The Metallic Bottle in Rose Gold - Could there BE a more blogger friendly water bottle than this baby? Rose gold come at me. Yes it's a bit expensive but hey, who can put a price on being fabulous. Am I right?


  1. The Sweaty Betty stuff is so pretty, but I'm terrified of spending loads on a pair of tights that won't actually perform how I need them to, even though they're properly technical etc- the £75 I've been eyeing up, beautiful but I might cry (and so will my credit card) if they are forever falling down or bunching up or whatever. Sob...

  2. that water bottle is so beaut! and i love the bag too, but I'm a sucker for a big holdall hah! xx

  3. I love EatCleanTea matcha! It's so good. Love those Sweaty Betty yoga leggings, their stuff is amazing x x

  4. EatCleanTea is amazing! I have it every day and I love it. Also the Sweaty Betty leggings, yeah £85 but just think, you're actually buying two pairs of leggings because they are reversible ;) x


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