8 Thoughts You Have When You Go Back To Visit Your Old University

Sean and I met in halls in our first year of university - at the University of St Andrews, which is...I think the third oldest university in the UK after Oxford and Cambridge and is where Kate and Wills met, they got engaged whilst we were still there and the whole town went batshit, you couldn't go into a cafe without it having a huge sign in the window like 'KATE AND WILLS MET OVER COFFEE HERE'. One of the sweet shops even put a giant mural of them in the window made of jellybeans. JELLYBEANS.

We graduated in 2012 (oh god, so long, so old) and have only been back once since - fairly recently after graduating to visit Sean's sister who also went there. Today we decided that since we live in Edinburgh now, we would take advantage of the lack of distance and drive through for a nice Valentine's dinner. It was lovely, but gosh - has it changed in the last three and a half years. I thought I'd do a little list of some of the thoughts that went through our heads as we wandered round - maybe you'll relate to some if you've been back to visit your alma maters at some point!


2) Ugh, there's students EVERYWHERE. Some of us actually want to buy a coffee, not just sit at a table with some books. GO TO THE LIBRARY.

3) Is that...is that a Nandos? Is there a Nandos here now? The best we had was a crappy kebab shop and these people have a Nandos now?!

4) Oh my GOD, what have they done to the student union?

5) How do all of these students have MacBooks? None of them have normal cheapy laptops, what is happening to the world? What will they do if they spill a Jagerbomb on the keyboard whilst they're pre-drinking? 

6) Oh look, isn't that the pub where your mate got so drunk they vommed into their own pint glass?

7) Ooh look, discounts for students. We could still pass for students right? We still look young, carefree and like we could maybe be slightly drunk at 3 o clock in the afternoon right?

8) I miss university. Lets skip work tomorrow and stay here and sneak into a lecture so we can relive our youth?

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  1. I remember going back to York a few years ago and being so jealous that they have an Urban Outfitters now. Why the hell wasn't that there six (ARGH) years ago?!


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