10 Thoughts I've Had About Wedding Planning Since Getting Engaged

10 things I've thought whilst wedding planning UK Scottish lifestyle wedding blog

So you might have spotted that I got engaged recently, on the 18th December 2015 to be precise. To Sean, obviously - not just to some total random, that would be strange. If you're like me and you like knowing every teeny detail of someone else's life you can check out the proposal story here, obviously I'm biased but I think it is basically the cutest thing that's ever happened.

We haven't really done THAT much wedding planning - and when I say not that much, I mean that basically the only real conversations we've had have revolved around where we should go on honeymoon (we're thinking 3 weeks in Japan) and whether or not we could have mini golf at our reception. We're aiming for autumn 2017, but we need to get onto buying our first flat at the moment so that's the priority. Still, I've definitely starting flicking through bridal magazines and googling blogs and pinning things, so here are some of my initial thoughts on the whole process.

1) Making a guest list can't be that hard right? I mean we'll probably want like 50, 60 people there...*tots up a rough number of people we know* 130 people?! Shit, we've got to start culling friends. SEAN! DO NOT MAKE ANY NEW FRIENDS UNTIL AFTER THE WEDDING.

2) So, I wonder how much control I can secretly have over the Best Man speech. Do I have veto power of any kind?

3) Why do brides never give a speech? It's my bloody wedding and I want all eyes on me. AND I'm hilarious, I'm totally doing a speech.

4) How soon is too soon to try on wedding dresses? Will I look too keen if I do it now? I want to do it now.

5) Sean, I really want this to be a joint planning effort and I want you to be super involved in everything and we'll really be a team on this. Like, take these bridesmaid dresses - do you like them? What do you mean no? Well I don't care, I like them, we're having them.

6) Wow, flowers are expensive. I mean, how important are they really? Are we sure we couldn't just pop to Waitrose the day of and buy up a couple of nice bouquets? They look pretty good, and that'd be WAY cheaper. And that's WAITROSE.

7) Do people actually wear all this sexy wedding underwear? If I go for a flesh coloured strapless bra and industrial strength granny pants am I a failure as a bride?

8) Can the bride wear flat shoes? I'd get sparkly ones and everything, but I'd really like to wear flat shoes. 

9) Oh my gosh I've found the perfect venue. It's gorgeous, it's stunning, it's my dream venue. Look at the gardens and the staircases and ohhh I just love it. Let's book it! How much? FIFTEEN GRAND? FOR A DAY? FOOD ISN'T EVEN INCLUDED IN THAT! 

10) I'm exhausted already and we haven't even STARTED yet. 


  1. My wedding is over a month away! The key to flowers is find someone local and independent likely to be cheaper, DIY is great but your TO DO LIST will be so epic that pat on the back if you have time to become a florist. I can tell you my bridal underwear is "a flesh coloured strapless bra and industrial strength granny pants" I felt incredibly bad about it to begin with but truth is I'm not Kylie and my butt is not the kind that looks good in a thong lol

  2. Hahahah I have literally had exactly the same thoughts as you!! We went and looked at so many nice venues and when we saw the price I wanted to cry. We've actually booked something now that's a lot smaller but so much more affordable and just as lovely!

    Totally agree with the flat shoes - I was so tempted to get a pair of those crystal converses ha! At the end of the day it's your wedding so you should do what the heck you want ;)

    Flowers are so soooo expensive! I've taken to making some of my centrepieces just to cut costs a bit, buying fake rose heads from hobbycraft at £1 a bag!!

    Looking forward to reading more planning posts :) x

  3. Hi Lauren,
    I got engaged in December too! I'm already planning & trying on wedding dresses & like you we have a date for Autumn 2017! I'm starting early because everyone has been telling me "time goes by so quickly" & "everything gets booked up so quickly" & I have found that to be true.
    however everybody is different & I guess you've just got weigh up the priorities. All I can say is, enjoy every single minute of it & just embrace being engaged!

    Peace & Love KC xx (fellow blogger!)

    Ps I'm new to your blog & love it!
    PPs Congratulations!



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