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So, this was originally going to be an outfit post - but as you might have seen on Twitter, I have had ANOTHER allergic reaction to something I've put on my face - it's either my makeup, or the coconut oil i've been trying as a cleanser. Unfortunately that means my face is currently a makeup free zone and I have hella bad dry skin around my jaw and eyes so taking any photos that involved my head was just a no no. 

This gem filled statement necklace* is perfectly capable of carrying a blog post on its own however, so no worries there! I've been wearing it with everything at the moment, especially since I happen to think that it goes spectacularly well with my sparkly new engagement ring. If I HAD been able to take my outfit photos, I would definitely have teamed it with my grey roll neck jumper that you can see in the photos. (I'm never sure what name is correct for these - what is the difference between a turtleneck, a roll neck and a polo neck plz?)

uk fashion lifestyle blogger happiness boutique statement necklace review

I love a statement necklace, me - so when I discovered Happiness Boutique it was like being in some kind of sparkly magpie heaven. Happiness Boutique is an international online store (don't worry, they offer free shipping) and I love their brand ethos of spreading happiness - basically they know that wearing a special piece of clothing or jewellery can boost your mood, and they want to help out with that - isn't that lovely?! Everything is great value too and there's a customer reward program for repeat shoppers - I've already got my eye on a few tops ready for summer, this is my fave!

If your eye has been caught by something on the site you're in luck, as I have a 10% discount code to offer my readers until the 1st of February. Simply use the code laurenella on any order over 19 Euros - and enjoy!


  1. oh my gosh, that necklace is BEAUTIFUL! xx


  2. As someone who has very sensitive skin and gets allergic reactions to products way too often, I feel ya. I really do, but then again that necklace is such a beauty, I don't even mind not seeing your face there!

    - Elodie x


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