Carrot Cake Porridge recipe + a post-summer detox

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Summer is officially over now you guys. I mean, it kind of feels like it's been over for ages already, or that we didn't really have one at all in the first place as the weather has been so rubbish, but I think now it's actually autumn isn't it. It's starting to get dark before leaving work and there's a definite chill in the air in the mornings now. 

Autumn calls for comfort food, and there's nothing more comforting than a big steaming bowl of porridge (or oatmeal) in the morning. I only ever really make this at the weekend because I like cooking it properly on the stove and I never have time to do it properly on a weekday. I'm big on experimenting with different flavours and I love how you can end up with something really sweet and almost dessert like, but still healthy and filling. This carrot cake porridge is my current favourite - it really does taste just like pudding:

Serves 1 (I used a small glass to measure quantities)

- 1/2 a cup of oats
- 1 cup of water
- 1/2 cup of milk (whichever type you want to use)
- 1 cup of grated carrot
- 1/2 a small apple, grated
- 1 tsp ground cinnamon
- 1 tbsp maple syrup
- 1/2 cup sultanas
- additional sultanas and walnut pieces to finish

Add the oats, water, milk, carrot and apple to a pan and heat on a medium heat for approximately ten minutes, stirring occasionally to make sure nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan. The oats will absorb the liquid and it will all start to look nice and creamy. Add the maple syrup, sultanas and cinnamon and mix well, leave to bubble away for another couple of minutes or so. Serve and add another drizzle of maple syrup along with the additional sultanas and walnut pieces. Enjoy!
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Top: New Look*
Sports Bra: Primark
Leggings: New Look*
Trainers: Primark
Yoga Mat: TK Maxx

I had starting jogging again a bit in the summer months, but I'm a huge baby when it comes to going outside in the cold, so that's fallen by the wayside a bit. My new favourite thing to do a couple of times a week is a long yoga routine - I love the Yoga With Adriene channel on YouTube and find it so relaxing - you feel really stretched and chilled out when you've finished a 30/40 minute routine. 

There's nothing better than new kit to get you into a new fitness routine - I picked up a fab turquoise yoga mat from TK Maxx which is perfect to keep in my living room. If you're looking for some brand new sportswear, New Look have got you covered for pretty much every activity. This lightweight vest is perfect to throw on and these amazing printed leggings are THE BOMB. They suck everything in and basically look amazing - I kind of want to wear them everywhere. Next on my list is this super cute wrap top - I don't do ballet, but I think it would be perfect for a morning yoga sesh as well. Have you made any changes to your routine this autumn? 


  1. You are looking absolutely amazing girl! Hope Edinburgh is treating you well, I am determined to get through and see you before this year is out xxx

  2. Sounds amaaaaze I know what I'm making for brekky tomorrow! You're looking fiiiine guurl.

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