Raspberry Ripple 'Ice Cream'

healthy banana raspberry ripple ice-cream

I am one of those people who likes to finish off a meal in the evening with dessert. I don't know why - I'm never still hungry, but for some reason I just feel like I need something sweet. Never come to a restaurant with me if you don't want to eat 3 courses - I will ALWAYS want to see the dessert menu. 

This slightly less full of sugar alternative was a little experiment after reading a bunch of healthy eating blogs and it turned out to be surprisingly nice - Sean loved it and chose to have a bowl over Ben and Jerry's brownie ice-cream - what higher praise could there be?

Makes around 4 servings

- 3 ripe bananas, frozen in small chunks
- a splash of almond or coconut milk
- around 2 handfuls of raspberries
- a teaspoon of honey
- toasted almonds (optional)

Blend your frozen bananas until you get a creamy 'Mr Whippy' type consistency - you may need to add a splash of milk to help the process along which is fine, as you'll be popping this in the freezer again anyway! Pour the mixture into a tupperware container of some kind. 

Heat up a small saucepan and add the raspberries and honey. Simmer until you get a jam/coulis type of consistency but make sure you stir occasionally so the bottom doesn't burn! 

Once the raspberry mixture has cooled, slowly pour on top of the banana 'ice cream' and then swirl through (totally the technical term) with a fork or skewer to get a ripple type of pattern. Pop in the freezer until you want to serve - Sean had his plain but I added some flaked toasted almonds to the top of mine to get a bit of crunch. 


  1. You're a domestic goddess Lauren! This looks amazing!


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