Notes on a Sunday

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Well this week just flew by! I feel like I have quite a lot on at the moment, which is strange as usually I have a lot of free time. It's starting to feel quite chilly in Edinburgh now, I've had to break out my winter coat and my scarf to keep warm in the morning on the walk to work! I'm still not over the novelty of not having to get any public transport to work - it only takes me fifteen minutes but I get to walk through lovely cobbled streets - much nicer than jumping on a packed bus for 40 minutes!

This weekend has been nice, despite the weather. We went for a long dog walk on Saturday with two of Sean's mum's spaniels and we came across THE cutest little 15 week old black cocker puppy called Wilbur who came running up for a stroke. I can't wait to buy a flat so that we can get pets! My parents have a dog, a cat, a bunny and some chickens at home so not having any animals at all is quite strange really. 

This morning we went for brunch in Bruntsfield which is the area of Edinburgh we're thinking of trying to buy in - though we've heard some horror stories recently about people being outbid by about 90k over the asking price which is just scary. Bruntsfield is lovely though, and there's plenty of little coffee shops to stop for breakfast. 

I've been a little bit homesick this week, missing home, missing my friends and family etc. I also went to the doctor to ask about CBT as my OCD has been playing up with the stress of the move, but the waiting list is apparently 9 months long! I might start jogging again as I've heard such good things about exercise helping with anxiety etc - any other tips would be welcomed!

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