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Blossoming Gifts Flower Delivery Sunflower BouquetUntitled design-3Blossoming Gifts Flower Delivery Sunflower Bouquet
Flower Delivery from Blossoming Gifts*

When I was about 14 I went to Italy for two weeks in the summer holidays to stay with my BFF Jara and her family in their holiday home. It was the sweetest little stone building on a quiet street - old men sat outside at rickety tables and a teeny kitten roamed the pavement. Opposite the house was the most gorgeous field of sunflowers, hundreds and hundreds of big golden petals. We found one that had snapped off and kept it for ourselves for the fortnight, even after it had curled up and died. Ever since, sunflowers have bought back the fondest memories for me. 

As soon as the lovely people at Blossoming Gifts offered to send me some flowers by post and I spotted the beautiful summer sunflowers bouquet, I knew it was the one to go for. I love having a big bunch of fresh flowers in my living room but they can be ridiculously expensive - who has £30+ to spend on a regular basis? Sean would kill me, I can tell you that for a fact. So this bunch was perfect - not only are they beautiful and summery and full of happy memories, but at £18.99 I could afford to buy them again as a treat and not feel too guilty. These ones have been on my mantelpiece for almost two weeks now and they're still going strong!

If you would love a bunch for yourself you're in luck, as I have a 33% discount code that you can use! It's BGIFTS33 - now don't say I never treat you to anything. If you get yourself a bouquet do take a picture and let me know!


  1. Oh these are a delicious bouquet to round off the summer aren't they! I love flowers too much! x

  2. Such lovely photos, very calming to look at. A good vase of flowers brightens up any room in a home!

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