Vanilla and Honey Chia Oat Breakfast Pudding

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This is very much a recipe that I tend to do by eye, so apologies for the slightly rough measurements! I always use dessert spoons rather than tablespoons for measuring - purely because I don't think we actually have any tablespoons in our new flat. If you're not sure, dessert spoons will be the big spoons that you eat dessert or cereal with - somewhere in between a teaspoon and a tablespoon.

Serves 1

- 4 dessert spoons of porridge oats
- 1 dessert spoon of chia seeds
- 1/3 pot of natural yoghurt (approx 5/6 dessert spoons)
- 1 banana, sliced
- Honey (to taste)
- Seeds of 1/2 vanilla pod
- Splash of coconut or almond milk

First of all you need to add the hint of vanilla to your natural yoghurt. Pre-flavoured vanilla yoghurts will almost always have a tonne of added sugars and other unnecessary bits and bobs, so I prefer to do it this way. I buy natural yoghurt that only has milk as an ingredient, then scrape the seeds from half a vanilla pod in and mix thoroughly. It's weirdly beautiful to see all the teeny tiny black dots spread through the creamy yoghurt. 

I then add the porridge oats and chia seeds to the yoghurt mixture and stir thoroughly, ensuring all the oats are coated with yoghurt. I then add a splash of coconut milk just to loosen the mixture a bit - remember the chia seeds will swell and absorb overnight so you'll want to have a little bit of added liquid so the end result isn't too stodgy! You might need to do this a couple of times with different amounts to find your preferred end result, as I like mine very puddingy, whereas I know others like theres a bit more yoghurt-y!

Pop some cling-film over the bowl and put in the fridge overnight. In the morning, slice a banana and add it to the mixture, then add honey to taste (depending on how sweet you like it!) This should keep you full up until lunchtime, fingers crossed!


  1. Hello tomorrows breakfast!

  2. Looks delicious! Definitely want to give this a go for breakfast one day.

    The Night is Wild

  3. This looks and sounds scrumptious! I make something similar for breakfast on weeks where I want something sweet in the morning.

  4. This looks amazing for a morning - I get so bored of my usual cereal. Although I think I may end up opting for the unhealthy pre-made vanilla yoghurt - picking out vanilla pod seeds at 6 in the morning will probably end in disaster! (: x

  5. My stomach's grumbling already even though i just had dinner! Love the addition of chia seeds in breakfast meals bc they're just so good for you! I try to include them in my morning drinks everyday x


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