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Our lovely rented flat is in Dean Village in Edinburgh, which is a very sweet area full of cobbled streets and stone cottages with tiny hobbit doors and flowers in the windows. It is also a short walk away from Stockbridge, which is the trendy area of town. It's full of brunch spots, boutiques and overpriced cocktail bars, so essentially my idea of heaven.

A little while ago now, we wandered down on a Sunday to grab a late brunch, except by the time we headed off it was 2pm so it was really more of a late lunch. We went into Henri of Edinburgh on a whim, it caught my eye as it had an airy deli in the front with wooden shelves stacked full of gourmet ingredients, and a cafe area in the back surrounded by hundreds of bottles of wine. The menu was quite different to your generic brunch spot, with dishes designed to make the most of the gorgeous French ingredients.

Sean and I both opted for the breakfast quiche with coleslaw - deep filled with sausage and bacon with a buttery crust that went perfectly with the tang of the coleslaw. We followed up by sharing a twist on our usual french toast - warm banana bread with creme fraiche and blueberry compote. It was beyond delicious and if I wasn't so full from the quiche I would have fought Sean for every last forkful. 

We'll definitely be heading back to Henri - if only to pick up some beautifully smelly cheese and red wine from the deli. 

P.S. You might have noticed that my previous post about my new food blog has disappeared. Unfortunately I've been having all sorts of technical glitches with it, so I have instead decided to incorporate a lot more recipe posts onto this blog. I hope that's okay with you all! 

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  1. Mm, the banana bread french toast looks and sounds incredible!


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