Mimi's Bakehouse - Leith

Mimi's Bakehouse Afternoon Tea Leith Edinburgh ScotlandMimi's Bakehouse Afternoon Tea Leith Edinburgh ScotlandMimi's Bakehouse Afternoon Tea Leith Edinburgh Scotland

So! Much news you guys. I'm officially up in Edinburgh now, hence the radio silence on the blog over the last couple of weeks. I've only just got wifi in our new flat, so I've been exhausting my data on my phone just keeping up with Twitter and Instagram! Speaking of the new flat, it's beautiful and I love it. We're just renting before we look to buy in 2016, but we really hit the jackpot. It's in an amazing location down cobbled streets with a river running alongside, but it's only a 15 minute walk to my work. 

Work-wise, I'm now the PR and Marketing Executive for a fab agency right in the heart of Edinburgh. It's really interesting and I'm learning loads, so a bit of a win-win for me really! Edinburgh in general has totally won me over, and I'm heading over to my pal Gillian's for a dinner party tomorrow so I'm looking forward to meeting some lovely Scottish blogger gals too.

Last weekend Sean and I had a mini moving-into-flat-getting-new-job-being-in-Edinburgh celebration and went for champagne afternoon tea at Mimi's Bakehouse in Leith. This was actually my birthday present from Sean, as I just bloody love afternoon tea of all kinds. Mimi's did not disappoint - the sandwiches were tasty and there were plenty of them, the mini scones were freshly baked and paired with clotted cream and jam (any place that serves scones with whipped cream gets a severely frowny face from me.) and there was a nice selection of tea and coffee. The real stars of the show were the cakes and pastries though, which judging by Mimi's instagram are what the bakery is known for! 

On the day we went, there were Oreo and Mars Bar crispy cake things (terrible description, but they were amazing) along with mini pavlovas and mini Oreo cupcakes. We managed to scoff all but one each, but we got to take the other two away in a little doggy bag. Which would have been great, if Sean hadn't immediately squished them. Sigh. All in all, definitely a recommendation from me - we've already put a visit for their 'Beforenoon Tea' on the list for next time!

P.S. You might have spotted the new blog design! It's all part of some exciting new plans I have for the blog, and is of course from the amazing Pipdig


  1. Ah glad you've settled in ok Lauren and massive congrats on the new job you little star. Fancy sending me a cake yeah?!

    1. Come up and visit and I'll take you for all the cake you want! ;) <3

  2. You're in Edinburgh, yee-ha! :) Can't wait to catch up with you over the summer (well, what's left of it) for some festival related fun maybe xx

  3. Welcome to Edinburgh - hopefully we'll run into each other at a blog event sometime!
    Hope you're settling in okay, and congratulations on the new job!



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