The Homeware Wishlist

One of the things I'm most excited about when it comes to moving to Edinburgh, is the sheer choice of accommodation that we will be able to afford. In London, it took us months to find our current flat - which whilst cute and cosy, is also essentially one normal sized house, separated into four but still costing as much. We have two rooms and a tiny shower room and we consider it a bargain at £1200 a month - bills not included. I KNOW - LONDON IS RIDICULOUS.

So when we started having a little practice flat hunt the other week, I was surprised and deliriously happy at the fact that you could get a decent sized one bed flat fairly centrally in Edinburgh for about half that amount. Think of all the spare money we'll have to spend on decor! Once I get a new job, obviously (in case Sean and my mum are reading this.) 

I've been satisfying my interior design dreaming by building up lists of homeware items that I simply must have - here's my current pick.

1) Cushion from Oliver Bonas
Because pineapples, am I right? 'Nuff said as far as I'm concerned. I'm envisaging this cushion delicately plonked on a little armchair in the living room or in the corner of our future bedroom. That's right, non essential seating areas - I'm officially going up in the world.

2) Tea-set for one from Lily Rose Co
I love me some tea, and I also love my teapot which Sean bought me from Emma Bridgewater two birthdays ago - which will definitely be seeing a lot of use in our future Edinburgh flat. However, it is a little large to make tea just for me - so I think this cute little teapot/cup set is a necessity. 

3) Table Lamp from Next
You know you're an adult when you start getting excited about lamps and you're not Brick from Anchorman. I got really over excited about the rope detail on this one, so it had to go on the list.

4) Framed print from Lily Rose Co
I'm already collecting framed prints and photos for my soon to be realised gallery wall - so Pinterest, and this little number would make a perfect addition.

5) Vase from George at Asda
I am OBSESSED with copper at the moment, I'm desperate to have a kitchen with enough space that I can buy loads of copper pans and have them displayed artfully on the stove even when it isn't on. Until then I will content myself with this SUPER cool vase from George, which is a bargain at under a tenner.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE MOVE! Moving is always so exciting!

    I used to work for Oliver Bonas and absolutely LOVE all their stuff, including that pineapple cushion! I also love that vase. Who knew Asda had such nice homeware?!

    - Elodie x

    PS - To be fair, £1200 for a one bed flat in London sounds like a great bargain! Haha!

  2. Ooh I hadn't thought of looking for homeward in Asda! The vase looks gorgeous :) I'll definitely be checking it out for my new uni room next year.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  3. Congrats on moving! It's so exciting isn't it!! I love all of the bits you've chosen however I understand the love for prints like this one. They do some really lovely ones on Etsy too. xoxo

  4. LOVE the vase, no way is it from Asda, it looks so much more expensive!

    P.S. Jealous of your Edinburgh move, it's my favourite place in the whole world! xx

  5. I absolutely love the teapot, it's so ridiculously cute! Also, congrats on the move, Edinburgh is one place I would love to visit xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  6. oh that teapot is the cutest!! xx

    cat / je suis cat


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