The Debenhams Mini Bag Challenge

Debenhams Mini Bag Challenge laurenella uk fashion blogger review
Mini Bag: J by Jasper Conran @ Debenhams*
I like big bags and I cannot lie. LOL - geddit? I legitimately made myself laugh when I started singing that to myself in my head so please don't judge me. It's true though - I am a massive-bag-aholic. If you can't fit everything and the kitchen sink in it, then what's the point, am I right? My penchant for ginormous bags can be a bit of a pain sometimes though, in more ways than one - I can't be the only one who has come across actual bruising on their shoulders after a day lugging everything around can I?

Hence - the mini bag challenge. When Debenhams got in contact with me and asked me to challenge myself to see whether I could limit myself to fitting my whole life in a micro bag instead of my usual Mary Poppins level of luggage I jumped at the chance. Turns out it's easier than you'd think, especially when the bag is as cute as this J by Jasper Conran one and you just can't bring yourself to not use it for every occasion. It's a gorgeous pale pink leather which goes with just about everything and I completely fell in love with the gold detailing and the twist lock. 

The inside of the bag is small and I did feel a bit daunted at first (oh my gawd, will my purse even fit in there?!) but it turns out it's just the perfect size for all the essentials - my purse, keys, phone and sunglasses slot in like the best game of Tetris ever, and there's even a little zip pocket to keep my chosen lip product of the day safe. It's official, I'm a converted woman.


  1. Haha that song is in my head now!

  2. I'm a fellow big bag lover, I honestly don't think I'd cope with a mini version!

  3. Ah you've got it down an art Lauren! Love the bag!

    Story Of A Girl

  4. The bag itself is lovely! Such a great colour for spring. Now we're getting into the warmer weather I find myself using smaller bags for some reason. Great idea for a challenge Debenhams xo


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