The Table Cafe | Southwark

The Table Cafe London BrunchThe Table Cafe London BrunchThe Table Cafe London BrunchThe Table Cafe London BrunchThe Table Cafe London BrunchThe Table Cafe London Brunch
The Table Cafe | Southwark

I'm not going to lie to you - when Sean and I were looking for a flat to move into, we did pay an inordinate amount of attention to what exactly would be in the surrounding area. We found a really nice flat about a month before we signed the lease on the one we are currently in but we let it pass us by because there were no places to eat nearby unless you got on the tube or DLR. About 95% of our relationship is based on a shared love of delicious food so to be honest - I'm not sure I wanted to take that risk.

Luckily the flat we did decide to move into is surrounded by a whole plethora of fabulous cafes, restaurants, brunch spots, coffee houses, name it, we've got it on our doorstep! Not so great for our wallets, or our waist lines - but great for our taste buds! Smack bang in the middle between Southwark and Waterloo, we're a five minute walk from the Southbank or Borough Market and food heaven.

Last weekend was the first weekend where neither of us had to be somewhere on the Saturday morning so of course we had to head out for brunch. Brunch is my favourite meal - when I went to the USA this summer I was so struck by the fact that we just do not do brunch in the UK the way the Americans do. Someone needs to get on Dragons Den with a killer French Toast recipe sharpish, am I right?

We picked our destination pretty much at random - we got too hungry to walk further and it was just the right amount of full up with people - not so full that you have to wait 40 minutes for a seat, but not so empty that everyone who has walked past has probably been put off by terrible trip advisor reviews. The Table Cafe has an amazing brunch menu, I'm going to have to go back again just to try the Bacon, Caramelised Banana and Maple Syrup Pancakes. Last Saturday though, Sean and I were both drawn in by more savoury options. Sean went for the traditional Eggs Benedict with a side of the yummiest sausages I've tried in a long time (I may have stolen some off his plate whilst he wasn't looking) and I decided on a slightly more out-there option...The Table Stack made up of chorizo and ham hock baked beans on a toasted bagel topped with two poach eggs and hollandaise.

We didn't talk much for the next half an hour (I like to think of this as a sign that the food was good rather than a sign that we're bored of each other) and we both agreed that we'd go back in a heartbeat. My only criticism was essentially a criticism that I have of most things in life - NOT ENOUGH CHORIZO. Sean would have liked his bacon a teeny bit crispier and we both could have used a spoonful more hollandaise, but that might just be us being greedy. Overall though, we were more than set up for the day - and the coffee wasn't half bad either. The only thing that could have made things better would have been a few quid less on the final bill but, London eh?


  1. Im jealous of your flat without having even seen it. The location sounds amazing!


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