The Breakfast Club | London Bridge

Weekend Brunch The Breakfast Club London BridgeP2660992Weekend Brunch The Breakfast Club London BridgeWeekend Brunch The Breakfast Club London BridgeWeekend Brunch The Breakfast Club London BridgeWeekend Brunch The Breakfast Club London Bridge
The Breakfast Club | London Bridge

Almost as soon as I put up my previous blog post about our lovely brunch at the Table Cafe, my sister messaged me to say that she absolutely had to come and stay at the flat as soon as possible so that we could take her for brunch somewhere equally delicious. That is why last Friday she braved a night on our slightly lumpy sofa so that we could visit The Breakfast Club the next morning.

I know The Breakfast Club cafes rival The Diner and Meat Liquor slightly in terms of being total blogger cliches, but I've actually only ever been once and Sean and Megan had never been so we thought we'd give the new-ish London Bridge location a whirl. When we got there and saw the queue outside Sean immediately headed off to nearby Borough Market to try to find a doughnut to keep him going (no luck unfortunately) and Megan and I took our places in the line. Luckily despite the length we only spent about 20 minutes queuing, and this was made even more bearable with the addition of the outdoor heater and someone popping out with a tray of smoothie samples halfway through. 

Once we got in and were seated in our booth we got a round of hot drinks in immediately - I'm in love with the Zippy mug and think i'm going to have to put it on my Christmas list. We were all torn between sweet and savoury options and decided to go for the only viable option, a savoury choice for each of us followed by a sweet dish to share. Of course, Sean did slightly veer away from this when he also got himself a side dish of French Toast, but as he said, we did stop him from eating his first breakfast earlier that morning.

I was tempted by numerous options but in the end I decided to go for the very charitable 'Eggs Menadick' which is a Movember special with all profits being donated to the cause. I knew I had made the right choice when the waitress warned me that the shape of the dish might 'surprise' me - if you noticed a slight phallic undertone to the photo above its okay, you were meant to! Sean and Megan both opted for full breakfasts, with Megan going English and Sean edging towards the American (because of course he totally needed pancakes, with a side of french toast, followed by pancakes?!)

The star of the show - which all of you seemed to agree with judging by my instagram shot - was the pancakes with berries and vanilla cream finale, which our lovely waitress very helpfully took our order for when she spotted we had powered through the first half of our savoury dishes. These were gorgeous - my only criticism would be that it needed more maple syrup...because as far as I'm concerned you can never have enough! All in all it was more than worth queuing for, and Sean dubbed it one of his favourite meals in London so far - well done Breakfast Club for proving that overexposure doesn't need to mean overrated!


  1. Looks delicious! I wonder when I can go xoxo

  2. Oh how we love The Breakfast Club. I remember when we devoured those pancakes at Soho! Nom! x

  3. I love it there! Much prefer it to The Diner as well (which I actually think is pretty awful, controversial!). Their pancakes are the ultimate comfort food!
    Cx / Bloglovin

  4. Ah I've got a trip planned to the shoreditch one next month! So excited now!

  5. THOSE PANCAKES! Oh my gosh xxx

  6. The pancakes look amazing! I'd love to go one day!

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