Christmas Wishlist

Sequin Cat Jumper
Scented Candle
Fluffy Shoes
Noel Slipper Shoes
I feel like mid-November is the perfect time to start planning what is going to go on the list to Santa this year, so i've started putting some serious thought into just what I'd like to find under the tree this year. You might have noticed a bit of an Oliver Bonas theme running through this one - I'm completely obsessed with that store right now!

I discovered this sequin cat jumper on my last visit and I very nearly had to walk out with it right then (after paying for it obviously, not just smuggled under my t-shirt.) You can never have enough knitwear as far as I'm concerned, and you certainly can never have enough sequin cats! A candle is a no-brainer obviously, and i've just finished one so I definitely need a replacement. 

I've been eyeing this mug up for the last month or so - I don't really need a new mug, but I would certainly be happy with finding this one in my stocking on Christmas Day. I'm not one hundred percent sure how to sum up the reasons for the last three quickly, but I will try. FLUFFY SHOES. CUTE PURSE. SHOES THAT ARE COMPLETELY USELESS FOR 90% OF THE YEAR BUT ARE REALLY COOL.

No other explanation needed, am I right?


  1. I obviously need that jumper in my life! x

  2. I so love those fluffy shoes.

  3. This mug is so lovely. I like it.

  4. CAT JUMPER? Now that I have a little black and white kitty, surely this means that I need it in my life..........? xx

  5. I NEED those Noel slippers, they are far too cute!


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