CaseApp iPad Mini case pride and prejudice quote etsy printCaseApp iPad Mini case pride and prejudice quote etsy printCaseApp iPad Mini case pride and prejudice quote etsy print
iPad Mini Case: CaseApp*

When the iPhone came out originally I put off buying it for the longest time - but eventually I succumbed to peer pressure. Since then, I have become a total Apple fiend and now own an iPhone, a MacBook Pro and an iPad Mini. I adore my iPad Mini - Sean has the full size version and I just find that a bit of a pain but the Mini is the perfect size for toting around in my various handbags.

The issue is that for some reason, most companies seem to much prefer making cases for the iPad. This is a huge problem for me, as I like everything in my handbag to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible (screw function or practicality - give me PRETTY.) Luckily for me, CaseApp came to my rescue with the offer of trying out one of their custom cases.

I had seen CaseApp cases cropping up in the past - but that was mainly for phones using photo collages. Much as I love the faces of my family and friends, I wasn't sure I wanted them emblazoned across my tablet. I was also a little bit wary of how good the print quality would be...I needn't have worried!

My favourite book in the whole world is Pride and Prejudice and my favourite literary quotation of all time is the Mr Darcy proposal scene (the first one)

In vain have I struggled, it will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.

Having recently bought a downloadable print from Etsy displaying the quote (such a good idea if you're looking for cheap art for framing by the way) I knew immediately that I wanted this printed on my case. The process was super simple - I just selected my case size, uploaded the picture and jiggled it about a bit until I was happy with the size and the layout. A mere couple of days later - my case arrived through my letterbox. The clarity of the quote and the illustration is amazing - there's no pixellation or blurred letters and the colours have all come out beautifully. 

A CaseApp case would make an ideal Christmas present - you can have pretty much any design you want so you can create something to suit every taste! I would definitely recommend - now i'm off to re-read P&P on my kindle app...


  1. Its a great idea getting a downloadable, then that way it's more personal too. I hsve a case on my ipad mini that opens like a book because I like to protect my screen,. Do they do cases like that? xoxo

  2. That's amazing! I might get my Mum one of these for Christmas :)

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