USA Trip | Day Two

Philadelphia USA Trip Day Two ShoppingP2660370Philadelphia USA Trip Day Two ShoppingUSA Trip Philadelphia Day TwoUSA Trip Philadelphia Day TwoPhiladelphia USA Trip Day Two ShoppingP2660372Philadelphia USA Trip Day Two ShoppingPhiladelphia USA Trip Day Two Shopping
Shirt: H&M
Denim Shorts: New Look
Watch: Olivia Burton

Day Two of my trip across the pond to the United States of 'Murica and Sean had to work so I was left to my own devices pretty much all day. My first mission was to venture out for breakfast - I was aiming for a bakery I'd seen the previous day but I got lost and ended up in completely the opposite direction. I was going to cut my losses and go for a Starbucks before I spotted a Dunkin' Donuts across the street...well I had to try one! The donut was actually pretty good, but the coffee, oh gosh. I am beginning to think that no matter where you go over here its impossible to get a half decent cup.

I headed back to the hotel room to eat my breakfast and flick through a magazine and then I spent the morning planning our trips to Washington and New York this week (although I did keep getting distracted by napping - the bed in the hotel room is huge and so comfy! I met Sean for lunch a few blocks away at an Irish pub, I'm not sure what was Irish about it apart from the flag hanging outside but the food was amazing. When my American friend Katie came over to the UK she was adamant that we were incapable of making a decent sandwich and now that I've had ones like this monster I'm beginning to understand where she was coming from!

Post food coma Sean went back to the office and I grabbed a Reese's Pieces ice-cream cone from a place across the road to munch on as I wandered over to Macy's. My little sister is turning 21 in a month and a bit and I've been planning on getting her present over here - I'm not going to tell you what I got her because she'll read this but I can tell you that I'll be happy to keep it for myself if she doesn't like it!

This evening we opted for something low key and chilled out since we're going to have a super long day tomorrow being touristy in Washington DC so we're going to veg out in front of Netflix with a tub of Cinnamon Roll Ben and Jerry's. Cinnamon. Roll. Ice. Cream. There's so many freaking amazing Ben and Jerry's flavours over here it makes me wish I could smuggle some back in my suitcase.


  1. Don't forget to sample all the wonderful varieties of M&Ms, the UK has been cheated :( So envious of your adventures! x

  2. So so jealous! And you should ry a hot chocolate in Dunkin Donuts, either the salted caramel or mint one - you won't be disappointed!


  3. The food in your USA posts us enough to convince me to book a ticket out there haha! Think I would end up returning to the UK 6 stone heavier! xxx


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