Holy Chic

Three UK Orla Kiely iPhone 4 Case AccessoriesThree UK Orla Kiely iPhone 4 Case AccessoriesThree UK Orla Kiely iPhone 4 Case AccessoriesThree UK Orla Kiely iPhone 4 Case Accessories
Clutch Bag: Bershka
Purse: Ted Baker
Keyring: ASOS
Lipstick: YSL
Watch: Olivia Burton
Phone Case: Orla Kiely via Three*
Coffee: umm...Starbucks obvz

I got my iPhone 4 around Easter of 2012 and since then I have resisted the urge to upgrade it because to be perfectly honest I resent spending £50 a month on my phone bill. No, I'm perfectly happy with my practically obsolete baby thank you very much - and as far as I'm concerned it still looks good as new! So I might not be particularly fashionable in techy Apple-fan terms, but when it comes to iPhone cases I'm not one to shy away.

In the last two and a bit years I've gone through a LOT of cases - there were the three sparkly ones, a cat shaped one, an owl shaped one, a cassette shaped one, a neon green one with OMG emblazoned on it...and my last one with an initial L on it which actually lasted me a good six months (practically a lifetime). Still, I was starting to get bored and the L was starting to peel off so I knew it was time to move on - step in this gorgeous Orla Kiely pattern phone case from Three

I'm a big fan of Orla Kiely - particularly this iconic Optic Stem pattern - and since I'm not likely to be able to shop there for my clothes any time soon this case is the perfect thing to sustain me. As soon as it arrived it struck me how solid and protective it felt without being too bulky - especially in comparison with my old case which was entirely decorative to be honest. It's a good quality case too - i've had it on my phone for about two weeks now and its been thrown carelessly onto my bed and into my handbag and it still looks shiny, glossy and good as new.

As an added bonus the case just so happens to fit in perfectly with my penchant for orange accessories - can you spot a theme in the accessories grid in the first photo?! Practical, fashionable and cheerfully colourful...what more could a phone case obsessed gal ask for.


  1. Ohh I need an iPhone just for that case! x

  2. I love this case, and the holy chic bag, so adorable x

  3. love that clutch, and the phone case! Bershka don't seem to do the bag anymore though unfortunately :(

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  4. Prettiest phone case ever! <3 xxx


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