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Hybrid Body Con Dress Pencil Skirt Illusion DressHybrid Body Con Dress Pencil Skirt Illusion DressHybrid Body Con Dress Pencil Skirt Illusion DressHybrid Body Con Dress Pencil Skirt Illusion Dress
Dress: Hybrid*
Heels: New Look
Watch: Olivia Burton

I've had a beady eye on the stunning dresses made by fab brand Hybrid for a while now after coming across them on ASOS - they're the kind of dress that make me wish I was working in a 60's American advertising agency so that I could get the best use out of them. This particular one has thrown all of my preconceptions about a body con dress out of the window - its flattering for one thing, and it doesn't make me feel the need to fast for 24 hours before I wear it.

Now that I have one dress that fits as well as this one I feel like I need so many others - in fact I feel like I need enough to fill an entire wardrobe with. I've been browsing the Hybrid website endlessly recently - I think I've narrowed it down to one must have purchase but I can't quite choose between the colours available, do I go for classic black or stylish oxblood?

You might also have noticed that I seem to have yet another Olivia Burton watch to add to my collection. I seem to be going at a rate of buying about one per month at the minute, I just can't resist! This mini dial watch is much smaller and more dainty than my statement big dial options but it goes perfectly with a dress like this that would be overwhelmed by too many accessories.

Lastly can we please hold a mini vote - I'm umm-ing and ahh-ing over possibly chopping all my hair off again but I'm not quite one hundred percent sure. What do you think, stick with what I have now or go for a Taylor Swift-esque long bob? 


  1. Oh hey there pretty one! This dress looks pretty damn awesome on you, and the shoes are lovely too xx

  2. Oh hello lovely gorgeous dress. I vote go for the'll always grow back if you hate it, but I think it'll look awesome! x

  3. Love this dress, i think you should go for the bob, I reckon it'd really suit you :) x

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog


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