Mermaid Hair

Hairtrade hair extensions breton teeHairtrade hair extensions breton teeHairtrade hair extensions breton tee
Hair Extensions: Hairtrade*
Watch: Olivia Burton
Bracelet: Ginger Pickle*
Top: Primark
Shoes: Shelikes*

For a minute I thought about pretending that I had discovered a miracle hair growth treatment made out of frogspawn and honey but then I decided that almost none of you would fall for it so it wasn't worth it. I make no secret of the fact that I long for long mermaid-esque tresses - I was always so jealous of the girls at my primary school who had hair long enough to sit on (although in hindsight that seems as though it might be a bit painful and unnecessary.)

I've been a bit wary of hair extensions up until now - I've admired them on other people from afar but never quite got round to trying them out for myself until the lovely people at Hairtrade asked me if I'd like to try these I&K Clip In Hair Extensions. As soon I put them on I morphed into a Kardashian type diva - swishing around the house and indulging in various hair flicks of epic proportions.

Despite the fact that my hair is made up of about a thousand different colours (that McFly girl got nothing on me) they really do blend in quite well - and I think as soon as my next hair colour appointment comes around they will match perfectly. If you are thinking of trying some out but you're nervous about matching the shades Hairtrade do this really cool thing where you can order a colour sample for just a pound - so you won't make any costly mistakes! 

The extensions feel really secure once they're clipped in - even for an extensions novice like me, and because they are 100% human hair you can curl, wave or crimp away to your little hearts content. I can't wait to try out a proper fishtail plait now that I'll have the length to make it work - suddenly a whole world of hair styling possibilities is open to me...


  1. Look at you pretty lady!

  2. These look great! I didn't think extensions could look so natural!

  3. You look lovely! My hair is genuinely about that length right now and I wish I could clip it out whenever I wanted haha! It's driving me crazy. But it really suits you - Mermaid Lauren.

    Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

  4. ooo great extensions, they look so natural! and lovely outfit. You can't beat a great slogan/breton top in my eyes!XX

  5. So beautiful lovely lady! <3 xx


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