Tennis Whites

White Dress Summery Skater StyleCute Black Cat White Platform Sandals White DressCute Black Cat Jewel Statement NecklacesOlivia Burton White WatchWhite Dress Summery Skater StyleCute Black Cat White Platform Sandals
Necklaces: Ever Ours and Primark
Dress: Red Label*
Watch: Olivia Burton
Bracelets: Ever Ours
Sandals: TK Maxx

The days are sunny and Wimbledon has arrived - something that can only mean one thing! Okay, apart from strawberries and cream being a diet staple and constant debates over whether Andy Murray is British or Scottish (let us share him guys come on, don't be greedy.) Yep you got it, tis the season to wear all white outfits and try your very hardest not to spill anything down them or brush up against wet paint or have drinks thrown over you.

This gorgeous Red Label dress is the perfect white summer dress - the subtle textured print and cutouts add interest whilst the layered fit and flared skirt keep it flattering. Plus its a super bargain at under twenty pound - wowza!

Something this simple calls for slightly ridiculous accessorising (as far as I'm concerned anyway) so as well as more touches of white with my shoes and watch I also decided to try out this thing I saw in a magazine recently - layering statement necklaces. I do love a bit of bling!


  1. I love those shoes! (And I'm munching on strawberries as I catch up on blog reading ;) )

  2. I LOVE that dress. Forever the stunner Lauren x

  3. Really really love this look Lauren you utter babe!

  4. I love the textured print on it, makes it a little more special!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x

  5. love your shoes!nice post x

  6. I love the texture of this fabric, looks fab. And I think the necklaces work really well - I love taking inspiration from magazines, not that I read them very often.

  7. Love this look, I am so scared of white clothes but think I need to 'copy' this look haha.

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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