iKrush monochrome kimonoOlivia Burton Hummingbird WatchOlivia Burton Hummingbird WatchiKrush monochrome kimonoASOS Zebra shoes
Top: Boohoo
Necklace: My sister
Kimono: iKrush*
Jeans: My boyfriend's sister!
Shoes: ASOS
Watch: Olivia Burton

Go ahead, you can tell me that the name of this post is a stroke of genius - I already know! (Bonus points if you sang that last bit in the style of I-G-G-Y Azalea...) 

Kimonos are possibly my new favourite thing in the world ever - maybe because I have recently rediscovered the delights of wearing jeans all the flipping time and kimonos are the perfect addition to any denim based outfit. This iKrush beauty is ridiculously nice for how bargainous it is and I love swishing my tassels around town in it. That sounds like a euphemism - it isn't.

Since I was clearly aiming for hints of monochrome with this outfit there wasn't really any choice for me when it came to picking my shoes. After all, what's more black and white than a zebra? And I promise that isn't the start of a joke that will end with a punchline involving a newspaper or a nun...


  1. Those shoes get a massive thumbs up from me - love them!

  2. Please come and do my hair and bring me those shoes! x

  3. Dat watch. Dose shoes. I'm in love! Are these shoes still avail? I love them so much. Girl you are looking beautiful and I'm glad you've rediscovered the wonders of jeans. They are pretty sassy. Big hugs xxx

    P.S. Your writing style is hilar! Love it!

    Chloe @ The Little Plum

  4. I spied those zebra pumps on ASOS ydaya nd I love them.


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