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Prodigy Red Makeover FootwearProdigy Red Makeover FootwearProdigy Red Makeover Footwear

Prodigy Red Footwear

One of the most popular blog posts I did in my first year of blogging was a Prodigy Red haul - I'd link you to it but I had to delete a lot of my old posts as I unfortunately had no idea about image hosting so most of the photos disappeared after a while. 

I hadn't thought about my old favourite university website in a while until I got an email the other day to let me know that they'd had a bit of a makeover and had a whole heap of new stock in. I clicked straight over to check it out and whilst there are a few naff items there are also a heap of totally stylish bargains to be had! The footwear section in particular is on point - and right now I need your help to pick which of the above I should add to my already bulging online basket!

As a little thanks in advance for helping me make this difficult decision I'll share with you a cheeky 30% off discount code in case you decide that you want to pip me to the post and nab some of these beauties for yourself - just add MAKEOVER30 at the checkout!

So come on - which ones do I go for?!


  1. These are nice - my favorites are the white (and that totally hasn't got anything to do with the fact that I just bought some white ones.......) xxx


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