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Very Magazine Pastel Colour BlockCoral Statement NecklaceLilac ConversePastel Colour Block Very Magazine
Whole outfit: Very*

Rather excitingly for little old me, about a month ago I was asked whether I would like to style an outfit for Very magazine centred around daytime colour blocking. Of course the idea of being able to wave around a printed version of my face was too much to resist and I fairly jumped at the chance. 

Daytime colour to me screams pastel shades and as far as I'm concerned its actually much easier to mix and match muted colours than it is the bright and bold end of the spectrum. Sean may have thought I looked a bit like an ice-cream sundae but I was thrilled with the end result and happily got to posing and swishing my way around the garden. 

You can see my mug shots in the current issue of Very magazine (sneak peek here) - form an orderly queue for autographs please!


  1. How exciting :) and it's such a pretty lovely outfit.
    I adore the top and the converse colour A LOT! Looking super gorgeous and well done on the feature, you must be super proud xx

  2. That's so exciting! Pastels are always my go-to for spring and summer and instantly make me feel brighter even if it is a dreary day. I absolutely love those jeans :) xx

  3. These colours look perfect together. I'm friends with a celebrity!

  4. Congrats! I'm loving the necklace.. Awesome outfit.

    pierrelecat | fashion jewellery blog

  5. Love love love this bag!! :)


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