Pandora 3 for 2 stacking rings
I'm a big fan of rings - and its probably the one area of my wardrobe that I'm always keen to jump on the bandwagon regarding the latest trends. When huge cocktail rings made a comeback I bought one in every colour and shape possible, I'm still constantly resisting the urge to add another pack of midi rings to my basket whenever I'm on ASOS and I've even gone so far as to rock a thumb ring or two in my time. 

I haven't been able to help noticing the latest Pandora campaign - and not just because it stars the lovely Carrie from Wish Wish Wish who is one of my all time favourite bloggers. Forget about stacking your bracelets for the perfect arm party, the finger party is where its at (not sure it has quite the same ring to it though...)  

Pandora are promoting the idea of creating the perfect ring stack with their gorgeous collection of silver, gold and two tone beauties and until tomorrow you can buy two and get a third free - what a bargain! The only difficulty is in deciding which rings you want - I love the six above, which would get your vote?


  1. I have the all silver heart one and love it, I wish I had the money to buy more for stacking potential!

  2. As someone who work part-time at Pandora, I can tell you that it's a real struggle not to spend all my money in there. The summer collection rings are beautiful, I love the daisy ones, but my all-time fave is the three bubbles ring (sadly discontinued ) x

  3. The Pandora rings are so pretty! I only ever wear my Engagement and wedding ring though! I have been looking at their bracelets. I feel like Im the only person who doesnt own a Pandora bracelet! haha

    ​​​​​​​​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x x


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