My Chocolate Workshop

My Chocolate WorkshopMy Chocolate WorkshopMy Chocolate WorkshopMy Chocolate Workshop

Apologies for the slightly shoddy picture quality in this post guys, most of them were taken in a darkish room with lots of yellow lighting so I've had to tweak them a fair bit! I just wanted to give you a little sneaky peek into the amazing My Chocolate workshop that I went to on Sunday with my sister.

My lovely mum bought this experience day voucher as a Christmas present for me and Megan and we finally got round to booking it recently - and thank god we did! When we arrived at the location of the workshop we did feel a bit wary as it was in a slightly dodgy looking warehouse type building in central London but once we got inside all our doubts faded away - the My Chocolate office was full of sweetie jars, vintage knick-knacks and fairy lights and smelt amazingly of melted chocolatey goodness. 

There were about 20 people taking part in the workshop including us and we were presented with a glass of bubbly before being separated into groups ready for our first task - making a chocolate martini. This was delicious but oh so strong which may have affected the following tasks a little bit: tasting samples from around the world, making flavoured chocolate and making and dipping chocolate truffles and fudge. 

I came away three hours later clutching a bag full of my handmade chocolates, feeling slightly sick and also slightly tipsy and with a teensy tiny crush on our hilarious Canadian instructor. All in all a brilliant Sunday evening and definitely a gift I'd recommend for a chocolate loving friend or family member!


  1. Now this sounds like my kind of Sunday- we got a bit jaded the other Sunday, so decided to make cocktails all afternoon- not necessarily the smartest thing ever, but we had fun- I suspect a chocolate workshop might have been substantially less of a problem the following day!

  2. This sounds amazing! Sounds like the perfect Sunday :)

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  3. Ahh wow it looks amazing! A chocolate martini sounds heavenly!

    Jennie xo |

  4. This just looks like absolute heaven x

  5. Oh wow, how I wish I didn't come across this post!! Now all I want to do is eat chocolate and preferably have made it myself! What a lovely gift for your Mumma to give you sweets! So glad you had a fun time too Gx

  6. Oh wow, best day ever! What a unique gift to get as well x

  7. These look amazing! And it would be nice to be there lovely! x


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