Don't Worry Be Happy #2

sunshine don't worry be happy

I really liked doing my first post on this subject and I found that it did make me just stop and be a bit appreciative of the things that make me happy in my life, so I figured I'd make it a semi regular thing! Here's some of the things making me stop and smile just now:

1) Summery Sunshine: today has been gorgeously sunny and warm and I'm a big believer that the weather plays a huge part in what your mood is like on a particular day, so it should be no surprise that today I'm happy as a clam! (I've never really understood that phrase, are clams particularly happy? What do they have to be that cheerful about eh?) A couple of hours ago I was sat outside on the grass reading a new book and eating an ice-cream and it was just gorgeous.

2) New Job: I'm so happy to have a shiny new job at Olivia Burton that I'll be starting next Monday! I had a few little problems that meant I had to leave my old one and I was feeling a bit down about my direction in life but now I feel optimistic and excited to get going! I'll officially be a London working girl (not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter.)

3) Bank Holidays: Easter weekend is coming up and not long after that, the May Day weekend which for me this year means I get to see Sean! He's coming down next weekend and I'll go up to Edinburgh in May and it'll be so nice to have a little bit of time to go out for dinner and wander around National Trust properties like the little old couple we are. 

4) The Sims 3: I can't help it, I've loved the Sims ever since the very first game and I love it still. I've rediscovered my expansion packs recently and have been busy creating gorgeous houses and making my Sim people break up happy families because I've decided that I want to introduce the dad's genetics into my household.

5) Spring Cleaning: Yesterday and today I had a big ol' session tidying, cleaning and organising my room and it was very therapeutic, I love being able to lie on my newly made bed and not see any mess at all - tidy house tidy mind indeed. Plus I discovered this method for storing jumpers and t-shirts in drawers and now my wardrobe is practically at magazine photo-shoot levels of organisation.


  1. The weather was absolutely lovely yesterday! It was so nice to have a warm breeze & I agree, it definitely lifts my mood :) so happy for you and your new job too! Must be so exciting.

    Sam xx

  2. So happy and excited for your new job. I"m actually wearing my OB watch today in your honour ;) xx

  3. Spring is so lovely, I feel so much happier since the snow has cleared! Congrats on the new job and best of luck :)

  4. It looks yummy! I want it!


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