Blue Hummingbird

Meemee Playsuit Topshop Skirt Shelikes dolly shoesMeemee Playsuit Topshop Skirt Shelikes dolly shoesMeemee Playsuit Topshop Skirt Shelikes dolly shoesOlivia Burton Hummingbird Watch Marc Jacobs Sunglasses
Playsuit: Meemee*
Denim Skirt: Topshop
Dolly Shoes: Shelikes*
Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Sunglasses Shop*
Watch: Olivia Burton*
Well, here's my attempt to do justice to my gorgeous new watch that I mentioned in yesterday's post - what do you think? I'm so in love with it, I've only taken it off to shower and sleep since I got it! I'm also sporting a pretty snazzy manicure courtesy the lovely Debbie at Friday's launch event, I love the gleaming white polish with the gold accent and its still looking spotless and chip free, result or what?

This is one of my favourite playsuits ever but it has been known to flash a cheeky bit of cheek if one is not careful, which might be a bit much for a sunny March afternoon, whack a denim skater skirt over the top though and problem solved, plus it basically gives you a whole new outfit. 

I finished off the look with my sunglasses which have been fished out of the back of my cupboard ready to re-embrace the sunlight, and of course my Shelikes dolly shoes which are my go to shoe at the moment. Please excuse the bruises on my legs, I seem to have developed a habit of walking into anything hip height or below and what can I say, I'm like a peach. 


  1. LOVE IT. I Wouldn't have thought to skirt up a playsuit but it works and looks fab! I've just bought a denim skirt for my hole and my aim is to stalk this outfit


  2. Love this outfit, and the watch is so pretty. Really like your shoes!

  3. Love the denim skirt !


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