A Hint of Sheer

Matalan sheer panel floral dressOlivia Burton Powder Blue and Rose Gold Big Dial WatchMatalan sheer panel floral dress
Dress: Matalan
Coat: Matalan
Shoes: Shelikes*
Watch: Olivia Burton

Okay I totally admit, I judged those people at fashion week who wore their coats over their shoulders rather than like an actual coat with arms. BUT HEAR ME OUT, I kind of see where they were coming from, it is easier to get a photo of the outfit underneath when you wear it like that. You still won't catch me popping down the shops wearing my parka as a cape though I can promise you that.

I love this Matalan dress, its so dreamy and perfect for wandering down country lanes in the sunshine in. At first I was tempted by the blogger favourite gingham skirt with the sheer panel, but this dress just suited me better. It also goes perfectly with some of my favourite pastel items of the moment like my ever-present dolly shoes, my Matalan pink coat and my gorgeous new powder blue OB watch. Seriously, working there is going to do terrible things for my bank account but amazing things for my ability to match my watches to my outfits.


  1. I love this dress, I have it too and the sheer panel just adds a little something and makes it look so pretty!

  2. SO pretty! Absolutely love that dress :) xx

  3. Oh, this dress...I have massive watch envy too! xx

  4. Well look at you looking all summery. Loving the dress though, and envying your ability to wear pastel pink without looking like you're about to puke- or is it just because I'm actually ill?!

    Slightly jealous of the whole watch thing too, as someone who is a complete time-freak (you're only on time if you're at least 7 mins early) my watch collection is not nearly big enough!

  5. so pretty! such a flattering shape and a summery print :)



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