Don't Worry Be Happy


Today my post is inspired by some of my blog reading list from the last week - Kate, Rosie and Sarah have all been taking to the internet to share what has been making them smile and be happy recently and it got me thinking about my own list. 

My life has been a bit of a rollercoaster this last month, I had to leave my job and accept that for reasons beyond my control teaching is not the career path for me, I've had a bit of a troublesome time with my anxiety although I'm feeling on the up and up, and I've been ploughing through what seems like a sea of job applications. Plus, Sean is still away in Edinburgh and it is looking more and more likely that he'll be in Philadelphia after that, so long distance is on the cards for months to come. So, 2014 hasn't necessarily got off to the best start for me, and I know there's a fair few of you that are on a bit of a downer as well so its even more important that we stop and focus on the things that are going right and that are making us happy and smiley. 

1) Family: nothing makes you appreciate your family more than when you have a crisis and they all pull around you and make you feel like things can only get better. I've made a little resolution to myself to step away from my computer more and actually spend time with the people I love - playing board games, drinking tea and watching films together. 

2) Friends: I'm lucky enough to have friends spread out all across the globe from school, university and work and its a brilliant feeling to know that if you're feeling a bit down there's always someone around for a cuppa or a Skype call or even just a text saying they've been reading your blog and are thinking of you! My friends have been absolute stars recently and if any of you are reading this I love you all a heap.

3) Sean: I'm not going to get all soppy (more than I have already) but he popped down to see me this weekend and it was so nice to stay in with chocolate treats and watch something funny - long distance sucks but it won't be forever and until then I'll appreciate the fact that we're not separated by as much as a lot of couples and be grateful for that. 

4) Weather: sunshine makes me happy, end of. Its much more difficult to feel sad in the mornings when you're woken up by sunlight streaming in through your windows and you can sit outside with your lunch at the weekends without freezing to death. 

5) My blog: Now that I'm back on the job market I'm focussing a lot more time on my blog in an effort to feel productive and achieve something with my time and I've been reminded of why I love it so much. Its a great feeling to publish a post that you've spent a lot of time on and are proud of, and I still get a rush when an email pings into my inbox telling me someone has commented. So if you've clicked on a new post of mine or commented or liked my posts or tweeted me lately - you're one of my reasons to be happy this month and thank you!

What are you happy about lately? Comment and I'll live vicariously through you as well!


  1. I'm happy that I finally have a healthy body, a boyfriend who loves me and the most supportive friends and family ever (friends extends to online, including you) so yeah. <3 Hope 2014 gets better for you sweet xx

  2. Lovely post! I've suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember but long winters make it even more difficult to deal with life. I'm glad you're feeling better! Good luck with the job hunting x


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