Alice Hannah

Alice Hannah Embellished BeretAlice Hannah Embellished BeretAlice Hannah Embellished Beret
Pearl Trim Beret: Alice Hannah*

How sunny was this weekend you guys? For a moment there I thought my knitted hat wearing days were over for this year but today it seems to have gone back to normal a little bit so wintery accessories are on the cards for a little bit longer! This gorgeous pearl trim beret is from a little accessories brand called Alice Hannah who focus on those little extras - bold colours, ornate trims and embellishments. Absolutely perfect for anyone who likes a little bit of glamour in every aspect of their wardrobe, including their outerwear! 

One of my favourite pieces (apart from my totally babin' hat) is this vintage style collar, which I am already imagining worn over a thin-knit jumper or some of the plainer dresses in my wardrobe that I'd like to jazz up a little. Or if you happen to be a bit of a cat lady then you need to get your hands on this scarf...its basically the cutest thing I've ever seen. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go on a little walk to show off my beret to the world whilst its still the perfect weather for it! 


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