Fashion Scout London with LumixGM - Day Five

Fashion Scout London Pansonic LumixGM Style BloggerFashion Scout London Pansonic LumixGM Style Blogger
Dress: USC
Necklace: USC
Blazer: New Look
Boots: Wallis
Camera: Panasonic*

Well day 5 of Fashion Scout London has been and gone and this is the last post on it boohoo! Me and my sister had such a fun time and really just had an amazing experience in general - I never really got the blogger hype about Fashion Week and catwalk shows before but now I definitely do, the moment where the music starts and the lights brighten to reveal the first model is such a buzz! I've also had some lovely comments about the photos taken as well - I genuinely really do recommend you take a look at the LumixGM1 if you're in the market for a new camera and don't want something bulky, it really does deliver.


Fashion Scout London FADFashion Scout London FADFashion Scout London FADFashion Scout London FADFashion Scout London FADFashion Scout London FADFashion Scout London FAD

The final show of Fashion Scout was the FAD Competition final on Tuesday night and wow, what a send off! FAD is a charity who work with 13-25 year olds and strive to nurture and support young talent in its earliest stages. In this competition the brief was for entrants from various universities across the UK to design cutting edge fashion that engages one of the five senses, showcasing their ideas of what multi-sensory fashion can mean. 

The final took place at Fashion Scout between 16 finalists from 10 universities and as you can see - the competition was fierce! I particularly love the use of pastel shades and different textures but all of the looks were really strong and I think its amazing that there is that new talent out there and that there are opportunities like this for them to get their designs seen and recognised.


Fashion Scout London FAD Charity Winner

Despite the stiff competition in the end, as always, there can only be one winner and that coveted prize went to Rhiannon Wakefield for her stunning menswear collection. Huge congratulations to her and to all the other finalists, what an achievement for all of them to showcase their designs on the catwalk and I'm sure this won't be the only time we see their collections displayed during Fashion Week.

Now its time to say goodbye to the Press pass that whisked me past so many crowds of people, the complimentary (and delicious) popcorn that I stuffed my face with and the amazing team and fellow bloggers - its been a blast! 

Images taken on the LumixGM1 £629.99 for more information visit

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