Fashion Scout London with LumixGM - Day Three

Fashion Scout London Panasonic LumixGM Style BloggerFashion Scout London Basharatyan V
Striped Tee: H&M
Necklace: Primark
Pleather Pencil Skirt: Topshop
Studded Flats: Primark
Handbag: Primark
Camera: Panasonic*

Today was Day 3 of Fashion Scout London and my second and final day of attending the shows before I hand back over to my sister tomorrow. I seem to have gone for a bit of a French/Swiss influence for my outfit, stripes and Heidi braids, although the influence for the burgundy lip was totally down to the amazing catwalk makeup I saw yesterday. I managed to fit in three fabulous shows today alongside the incredibly lovely and gorgeous Laura and Jen who I grabbed a quick photo with as well as Sophie and Nikki.

Apu Jan

Fashion Scout London Apu JanFashion Scout London Apu Jan

First up was an array of stunning knitwear at Apu Jan featuring lots of interesting cuts and textures. The look of the day was monochrome and the whole collection had a bit of a grunge feel, helped along by those amazing clompy boots and the backcombed hair. I absolutely loved the print that you can see in the pictures above, it featured heavily in the collection and I love the greyscale kaleidoscope look it has.

Vita Gottlieb

Fashion Scout London Vita GottliebFashion Scout London Vita GottliebFashion Scout London Vita Gottlieb

Next up were stunning mustard yellow silks and an almost Peruvian-esque print at Vita Gottlieb. My favourites were the evening dresses that had been toughened up with black embellishment and I loved the relaxed ponytails that the models sported. Sorry about the photos on this one guys - I was trying to aim my camera between people's heads!


Fashion Scout London Basharatyan VFashion Scout London Basharatyan VFashion Scout London Basharatyan VFashion Scout London Basharatyan V

Last up and probably my favourite of the day was the BASHARATYAN V show. There were some incredibly wearable pieces in this collection, my favourites were the coats especially one particular cream number with a huge fluffy blue collar. Crop-tops were another key trend  and they looked fabulous teamed with a selection of midi skirts. I loved the futuristic silvery-blue lips teamed with the metallic shoes and by the end of the show I had an immediate urge to find the perfect tomato and icy blue combination to recreate the outfit in the third photo - who'd have thought those colours would mesh so well together?!

All in all what a fab weekend I've had! I can see why people go a bit gaga over fashion shows, it really is exciting sitting there with the loud music and the bright lights watching the models do their thang. Now I'm off to google silver lipsticks, someone take my card away from me!

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  1. That hair....good lord. I hope that's a trend that doesn't catch on!

  2. Forget LFW, you look AMAZING

  3. you're getting way too cool for me girl!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!

  4. *swit swoo!* lady, YOUR outfit is amazing! Love it. xx


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