Leopard Print

Voodoo Vixen DressVoodoo Vixen DressVoodoo Vixen Dress
Button-up Dress: Voodoo Vixen*
Waistcoat: Boohoo
Shoe Boots: New Look

This lovely Voodoo Vixen dress is one of my new favourite work outfits, the fact that its knee length and high necked means that its appropriate for me to wear teaching a bunch of Year Nines about World War 2, but the colour and print is fun enough that I still feel like me doing it. Its super flattering as well, with a slightly flared skirt and a fitted top that makes you look like you have a itsy-bitsy waist even if you have been at the office cake supply ever since January began. Seriously though, who had the idea to put New Year in the middle of January? Totally NOT the month for actually sticking to any resolutions that don't involve putting on a stone and cuddling up under your duvet every evening.

Whilst I usually save this dress for wearing to work, on this occasion I was wearing it out in the actual real world (see - so versatile) so I swapped out a plain black cardigan for my much loved but under worn faux leather waistcoat from Boohoo. When the weather gets warmer I might even remove the thick black tights that are currently surgically attached to my body and flash a bit of bare leg.


  1. Oh now isn't this a lovely dress. Colour really suits you! x

  2. I really like the dress paired with the waist coat. The print is lovely too!

    Sarah xo | Like Sarah

  3. Ah what a lush dress for such a lush girl!


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